The Garden of Vegan
The Garden of Vegan: How Plants can Save the Animals, the Planet and Your Health by Cleve West
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The Super Organic Gardener
by Matthew Appleby. UK veganic gardening book.
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Vegan Cook and Gardener
by Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining. UK veganic gardening book, including techniques (composting, "pest" control, crop rotation, green manures, etc); listing of fruit and veg and their requirements; and vegan recipes incorporating seasonal produce from your garden.
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Growing Green
REVISED 2015 EDITION Growing Green – Organic Techniques for a Sustainable Future by Jenny Hall and Iain Tolhurst. This book is published by VON and is an essential reference guide for all private and commercial organic growers, researchers and students. This book introduces the concept of stockfree organic and shows, through case studies, that when growers abandon the use of slaughterhouse by-products and manures they can be rewarded with healthier crops, and fewer weeds, pests and diseases. The reader will be taken through each Stockfree Organic Standard step by step and learn how to grow and sell 60 different vegetables with confidence.
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Growing Sustainability
by Dave of Darlington. The book is a compilation of the writings of Dave of Darlington – a treasury of useful information for gardeners and farmers, gleaned from Dave’s long experience and enhanced by well-informed thoughts on the ethics and politics behind farming.
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Eat More Raw
By Steve Charter. Advocates a raw vegan diet and permaculture for health and the environment. Includes a small number of recipes at the end of the book.
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Plant Based Nutrition and Health
by Stephen Walsh. Well researched book covering the health advantages of the vegan diet, as well as the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Clear advice given on vitamins B12 and D, and on Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Iodine and Selenium. Also, advice on getting omega 3 fatty acids from non-fish foods.
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So, What Do You Eat?
by Liz Cook. Spiral-bound so it stays open at the right page. Wipe-clean pages, making it a highly practical design for the kitchen. The recipes include vegan versions of conventional meals like shepherd’s pie, pasties, pizza,  pancakes and cakes.
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Vegan Rustic Cooking Through The Seasons
Revised edition with 60 new recipes, by Diana White. Published in Summer 2006. 194 pages, and over 160 delicious recipes inspired by the seasonal produce from the vegan-organic garden. The author, Diana, and her husband Peter both have an allotment and are active VON members. All of Diana’s royalties for books sold through this VON merchandise catalogue will go to VON, to help fund our important work.
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Happy, Caring, Healthy and Sharing
by Graham Burnett. An introduction to the green and compassionate way of Ecological Veganism.
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Earth Writings
by Graham Burnett. If you’re not looking for the solution, you’re part of the  problem …  get out there and Do It, with help from this book.
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Permaculture – A Beginner’s Guide
by Graham Burnett. A guide on the principles of sustainability and working with rather than against nature on your land. Graham Burnett is a vegan permaculturist. New updated second edition, and now in colour.
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The Vegan Book of Permaculture
by Graham Burnett. A vegan cookbook packed with wholesome recipes, veganic growing, forest gardening and eco-friendly living. The Vegan Book of Permaculture gives us the tools and confidence to take responsibility for our lives and actions. Creating a good meal, either for ourselves or to share, taking time to prepare fresh, wholesome home or locally grown ingredients with care and respect can be a deeply liberating experience. It is also a way of taking back some control from the advertising agencies and multinational corporations.
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