Growing Throughout the Year

In this section we look on a month-by-month basis at what you can sow, plant, harvest and store. Also included are lists of other jobs that may need doing on the plot for each month of the year. The months chosen for each activity are suggestions and flexible depending on many factors such as your location and climate, whether you are growing under cover, choice of varieties and so on. You can make adjustments as necessary. Some of the crops can be sown, planted and harvested over quite a long period – so we have chosen the months that have worked best for us in the past.

Note that as salad leaves and herbs can be sown any month of the year (depending on availability of cover) so they have been covered in separate sections and are not included in each monthly list.

Where sowing under cover is mentioned this could mean in the greenhouse, polytunnel, conservatory, under cloches or horticultural fleece. Some crops can also be started in pots or small trays on a sunny windowsill indoors. If it is early in the year and the temperature inside isn’t warm enough (below about 15°C) then you can use a small heated propagator to initiate germination.

The sections headed ‘What to plant this month’ refers to planting tubers, sets, canes and so on, whereas the sections headed  ‘What to plant out this month’ refers to crops that you have grown from seed in trays or pots that will need to be planted out into beds or larger containers.

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All pages in this Garden Advice section are written by Piers Warren with extracts from his book The Vegan Cook & Gardener.