Vegan Organic Network


VON is a volunteer led organisation with a range of people making sure things run as smoothly as possible while doing everything we can to support vegan-organic growing, from the back gardens to commercial farms. If you’re not sure who would be best placed to answer your query or enquiry you can always use the contact form but below are the latest details of who does what.

VON’s Snowdon Vegan Party 2014

Dan Graham
Chair and Trustee,
events & publicity

Cherry Chung

Juliette Bryant

Sarah Taubman
Trustee & Membership secretary

Paul Hanson and Matthew Appleby
Editors of Growing Green International magazine

Tamara Schiopu
Stockfree Organic Services

John Curtis
Merchandise & Growing Queries

VON at Vegfest Brighton 2018

London Vegfest 2017

VON’s Manchester Vegan Fair 2016

Stay in touch

For any enquiries relating to membership (or changes of address if you’re a member) please contact the membership secretary at – see also our Join Us page for more info.

Otherwise please get in touch with the Vegan Organic Network for any queries you have about vegan organic growing, or for more info about how to get involved.