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The Stockfree Veganic Standards and Certification

Advice and services from Iain Tolhurst and visits to his veganic farm:


Individual consultations are welcome at our farm, or, for a more cost effective visit, you may want to bring other colleagues with you. For many people this is an excellent introduction to how an organic system operates. We have been growing organically on this site since 1987 and are able to demonstrate:

  • Stockfree field vegetables on 17 acres, an intensive rotation with widespread use of long and short-term green manures.
  • Intensive garden crops in a 2 acre Victorian walled garden, again utilising intensive green manures and own produced composts.
  • Out-of-season production in 17,000 sq feet of tunnels and glasshouse utilising our own vegetable compost.
  • Own-plant propagation facilities in our dedicated greenhouse producing over 75,000 plants per year.
  • Agroforestry systems within a horticulture unit
  • Direct marketing. All our produce is sold through our own box scheme, local market and on-farm stall.
  • Vegetable & woodchip composting for small-scale users.


Iain Tolhurst will visit you on your farm to deliver advice tailored to your personal situation.

  • Farm inspection to assess the feasibility of the practical and financial implications of an organic conversion.
  • Discuss with you the various options for business development.
  • Conversion planning – designing your conversion, rotations, weed control, pest/disease management, fertility building, and soil management and cropping plans.


Once Iain has visited your farm and discussed your various ideas and options, he will be able to complete much of the work from our office:

  • Report on the feasibility of converting your farm to an organic system.
  • Draw up a conversion plan, to include rotations, weed control, pest/disease management, fertility building, soil management and cropping plans.
  • Financial study, to assess the financial implications.
  • Machinery/equipment list, particularly useful to those farmers who may be embarking on a new diversification.
  • Detailed cropping plans tailored to your proposed markets.
  • Supply names and addresses of materials, services and organisations that you will find useful.
  • Telephone service for clients. (This is something that people find invaluable.)


Iain has extensive experience in designing and delivering seminars on the practice of organic production.

Unless already listed on our Events page, the training can be organised to your specific needs and request, at your site or ours. These seminars will often take the form of a workshop, using participative training techniques. Where appropriate the seminar can be linked with outdoor activities such as a farm walk or demonstration.

Seminars at our farm can be catered for, using our new production kitchen and offering the best organic fresh lunches and refreshments. Please, email for quotes.

Iain also is often invited with presentations at conferences and seminars covering the practice and policy of a range of organic subjects.

Farm walks  can be organised for groups of farmers, consultants, students, amateur gardeners or members of the public. With specific requirements, please email.