Northern Vegan Festival was a huge hit!

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The Vegan Organic Network at the Northern Vegan Festival Saturday 13th April 2013

Helpers: Dan, Cherry, Izaak, Danny, Jill, Roger, Jane, Kirsch, Andy, Lima and David

A lot of preparation went into our stall for this event: Cherry made a juice and smoothie sign, Jane and David went to Penrith to have our stockfree organic grain milled, Jane made some delicious pasties which sold out on the day and all the fruit and veg etc had to be purchased.

A number of companies were generous with donations, UK Juices gave us a great little juicer which a lot of people were interested in, Pulsin and Yaoh supplied us with free protein powder and Koko gave us a good supply of coconut milk.

One could say the event was too successful, 2 500 people came through the doors and people had to wait in a queue that went round Sachas hotel, and a number of people gave up on queuing. The event organizers Roddy and Kelly sent out food and refreshments to those waiting to get in. Next year they will be looking at getting a much bigger venue and VON will be involved in helping to organize the Manchester 2014 Vegan Festival.

Our stall was busy all day with people wanting juice and smoothies from beginning to end, we signed up new members and lots of people left their names for more information.

The VON helpers worked hard, after helping on the stand Jill gave a yoga lesson to a packed class.  Izaak, Danny and Cherry were great from beginning to end, helping to set up the stall the night before and taking it down after the event.

Each Vegan event we attend is getting bigger every year, more people are becoming veggie and fewer animals are being killed as a result.

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Vegan Organic Grower? Want to join our directory?

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We are compiling a non-commercial Directory for VON home, allotment and community growers, to provide a link and reference point for vegan organic gardeners. Would you like to join us? It is on similar lines to our Commercial Stockfree Directory.  And will have a dedicated Advisory Panel for help and advice for those new to this type of gardening.


Rufford Farm Visit

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Vegan group gathering. Herewith details;
Sunday 7th April 2013 at 2 p.m.
Rufford Farm, Hobbs Lane, Beckley, East Sussex TN31 6 TU
SPRING IS IN THE AIR – Come and celebrate with spring flowers and a mock Provencal lunch.
RSVP 01797 260610 or 07761679001 or e-mail

If poss would like whoever comes to bring something to share foodwise.
Can provide details of public transport if required.