We are always so very grateful to our network of supporters. Support comes in many varieties – hopefully there’ll be something from the list below that will grab your interest but if you want to get involved and aren’t sure where your skills would be best placed please do just email us.

  • Join Us! Becoming a member of VON means you’ll be kept up to date with all our latest news and developments, as well as receiving Growing Green International as soon as its published – plus much more!
  • Spread the Word. One of the biggest challenges is simply raising the issue of animal-farming byproducts being used in food product – and your help in spreading the word is essential:
  • Leaflets for your local area: could you distribute leaflets to local shops, community centres or local events? Email us for full details of the leaflets available
  • Help on VON stalls throughout the UK: VON has an increasing presence at vegan and other festivals and fairs around the UK and any time you could give at these events would be gratefully received. Set up, break down, chatting people during the event itself – even an hour or two to keep the others on the stall company. Check out the Events page for dates and email us if you could help
  • Join our email list Keep in touch by email by joining our email list
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Contribute to Growing Green International Letters to the editor, photos of your vegan organic allotment, articles you think would be a great addition to the magazine, reports of how your growing is going or visits you’ve made – if you think it might be of interest to the rest of the VON membership, do contact the Editor
  • Share your Knowledge. Do you already know a lot about vegan organic farming? If so, could you be on our list of contributers or advisory panel? Email us

If you want to help but not sure how, please contact us and we can place you on our email list so that if anything comes up that we need help with we can be sure to let you know!