Vegan Organic Fest 2022

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We are super excited, to announce that our Vegan Organic Fest 2022 is back after a very successful first year! We are looking forward to a fun, entertaining and thought provoking back to nature veganic event.

The Vegan Organic Fest will be at Chyan Cultural Centre; an eleven acre site deep in the Cornish countryside with a capacity of about 200 people, camping facilities, on site hostel and nearby alternative accommodation.

Chyan is an off grid veganic apple farm with its own supply of spring water. The venue hosts many events and is a wonderful place for returning to nature, some of the land is wild, some is nature reserve and there is plenty of flat meadow for camping.  Chyan has a 200-seater geodesic dome theatre, two large modern barns for classes plus several marquees. The centre has its own wind turbine, which provides electricity for the whole site, the hot showers, swimming pool and sauna are all fed by natural spring water.  We are blessed to be able to hold the festival in such a beautiful, peaceful and positive space.

The event is from midday on Thursday 18th August- midday Tuesday 23rd August with activities happening from Friday-Sunday.

No dogs allowed.

Would you like to perform, give a talk, lead a workshop or volunteer?

Form for musicians and performers

Form for workshop leaders, talks, yoga , etc

Form for volunteers

Tickets go on sale soon!

Contact Dan Graham if you require more information: 07732733001

Save our Wildlife Awards

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Plant power! Exciting environmental competition for change-makers. Do you have a passion for our planet, an affection for our animals, and a natural love for nature?

What we eat and how we grow our food today will decide the future of tomorrow!

🎊 Congratulations and a BIG thank you 🥳 to all the participants and winners of our ‘Save our Wildlife competition’. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and videos with your entries. You have helped raise the alarm 🚨 and spread the urgent message that animals are losing lives, homes and families – but together we can create the change that’s urgently needed.

The awards night was on Thursday 9th December. It was presented by Luke Scott III and included a compilation video of the art work from the school children and pictures and video of the children with their winning certificates.

Guests at the event: Sailesh Rao from Climate Healers, Catrina Fenton the Head of the Heritage Seed Library and Willow Weaver Cherry Chung.

Here is link the video of the event.

The Winners

Winners of the short video competition:

1st prize Giles Bryant: Wildlife Emergency

2nd prize Piers Warren: Change Your Dream

3rd prize Danny Jones and Izaak Chung-Graham: Grow Veganic Save the Planet

The following schools have won a day with Willow Artist Cherry Chung:

Hillshott Infant School and Nursery

Bromsgrove Preparatory School 

Bredon Hill Middle School

New College Leicester 

Winners KS1

Louise Hatton-Hillshott Infant School and Nursery

Avery Ayson -Hillshott Infant School and Nursery

Emily Powell Chloe Thorpe -Bishop Lonsdale Primary School and Nursery

Winners KS2

Riya GandeshaBromsgrove Preparatory School 

Emily L -St Edwards Catholic Primary-

Amy Sabir-Eaton Square School


Austeja Bordovskyte and Morgan Douglas Peterhead Academy

Elsa Greenwood and Ella Crowley -Bredon Hill Middle School

Dylan Foster, Leah Clamp, Papa Bawuah, Lichelle Schumachers and Athaliah Charakupa 



Erin Fullwood New College Leicester 

Lanyes Mazon – Nicholas Breakspear School

Save our Wildlife Awards

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VON’s Awards for Save our Wildlife Competition

Join us for an entertaining evening, where we will be awarding prizes for VON’s school arts competition and VON’s short video competition.

The event will be live on-line
Thursday 9th December 7pm-7.30pm
Click here for: Free tickets

Awards for short video competition
First prize: £500 | 2nd prize: £300 | 3rd Prize: £200

Live draw for 3rd prize! All videos will be entered into the draw for 3rd prize.

Which are your three favorite videos?
All the competition videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Videos are a maximum of one minute in length. Please let us know the three videos you like best, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, by filling out our on-line form  or by emailing 

Many of the videos from the competition were shown on VON’s Giant Vegan TV at COP26 in Glasgow.

Awards for School Arts Competition
Thirty four schools and 200 children/young people took part in the competition.The competition asked participants to show through their art how the loss of wildlife and species extinction is linked to farming animals.The competition aimed to help young people become better-informed about the environmental crisis that we are in, by exploring the impact of what we eat and the way food is grown and how they can help to create a healthier world for us all to live in.

All schools that entered the competition will be sent a copy of Growing Green International, a living Willow Wand to plant and a selection of seeds to plant.

Many thanks to Simon Read who donated the Willow Wands and to Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library who donated the seeds.

Watch a video of the willow wands.

Seeds from Garden Organic include:  Lettuce ‘Bronze Arrow’, Pea ‘Veitch Perfection’ and Climbing French bean ‘Mountain Half White Runner’.

The following prizes for schools will be awarded:•

Individual pupil winners for each Key Stage – £20 voucher
• Paired winners– £10 voucher each
• Group/Class/Year/School winners Stage – Prizes decided on a case by case basis, and will be a £50 voucher, or cheque for the school to choose appropriate prizes

•  Five winning schools can opt for a day willow weaving workshop with Cherry Chung , a willow artist based in Manchester. In keeping with the Save Our Wildlife Competition, she will be working with pupils to create wildlife inspired willow sculpture, and pupils will have a chance to learn about the wildlife benefits of willow weaving, and how going plant based can support natural habitats and encourage native wildlife.

To support the Vegan Organic Network competition’s and educational projects, please donate on our website.

What we eat and how we grow our food today will decide the future of tomorrow!

Support our Vegan Trike TV at COP26

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To Support VON’s Giant Vegan Trike TV at COP26 by making a donation, please go to the bottom of this page.

The Vegan Organic Network (VON) are going to COP26 the international conference on Climate Change in Glasgow from 1st-12th November, with our Pedal Powered Vegan Cargo trike which is installed with a Giant 43 inch TV.
The Giant Vegan TV will be broadcasting information about why going vegan is good for the climate, animals, people and planet.
We will have videos from veganic farms, scientists, musicians, organisations and videos from our Save our Wildlife Short Video Competition which is open for entries until 31st October.

Animal Agriculture is not on the COP26 agenda!

The COP26 event is a global united Nations summit about climate change and how countries are planning to solve it. Over 200 countries will be taking part!
Animal agriculture is the first or second largest global emitter of CO2, depending on whose stats you are looking at.  With more than 88 billion animals raised and slaughtered for food each year, intensive livestock farming is responsible for between 15% and 87 % of the world’s human-made greenhouse gas emissions.

The 15% estimate research was sponsored by the meat and dairy industry and the 87% estimate is by Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers.

Both these estimates exceed emission levels from global transport combined. And yet, inexplicably, animal agriculture is not on the COP26 agenda as a priority in discussions on the mitigation of global warming. 
Here’s what we’re doing about it
We are going to COP26 and collaborating with other vegan groups and individuals to show that by going vegan and adopting veganic farming we can start to solve the crisis humans have created, that is: global warming, loss of wildlife and biodiversity, soil degradation, ocean and river dead zones.
When people move to a vegan/plant-based diet, millions of acres of land can be rewilded and when we adopt veganic farming methods, we will have clean safe food, which is good for humans, animals and the environment.

Have your voice heard at COP26
Have your say at COP26 by joining the Save Our Wildlife Video Competition: 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £300, 3rd prize £200.00 all entries will be entered into a draw for 3rd prize. Suitable videos will be broadcasted on the Giant Vegan Trike TV and on our online events.

At COP26 we will be joining protests, going to events showing films on our Giant Vegan Trike TV, talking to people and giving out information: you are welcome to join us.

We will also be interviewing delegates, campaigners, the public and having lively debate and discussions; these will be broadcasted online in evenings during the COP26.

Once the Giant Vegan Trike TV has been built it can go to other events around the country and spread our message.

Join us and help the Giant Vegan Trike TV be a success at COP26 and beyond.

Support us by making a donation:

Please enter the amount (£) you wish to donate?

Gift Aid

If you’re a UK taxpayer you can declare Gift Aid which means we get 25% more at no cost to you.

Tick this box if VON can claim Gift Aid: More info

Veganic Gardeners Question Time November 1st

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Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time

Giles Bryant – World Healing Project, Founder will host an entertaining evening with some twenty-four carrot advice from date farmer Jamie Jones, permaculture teacher and veganic grower Piers Warren.

Please send your questions to:

Show will include footage from VON at COP26

Free tickets here

Event line up:

Giles Bryant – World Healing Project, Founder.

Giles has been a keen gardener for 30 years.  He has planted community orchards, forest gardens and medicinal herb areas at a variety of projects.  He runs the World Healing Project, promoting wellbeing for people and the planet, and has just released an 8-year project, One World, which features musicians and singers from around the world.

Ellen Mary: Horticultural radio show host, TV presenter, writer and of course vegan. Travelled all over the world to discuss the benefits that nature provides to our wellbeing – specifically gardening.

Piers Warren: Conservationist, author and keen grower of organic fruit and vegetables. He is the founder of Wildeye – The International School of Wildlife Film-making. Writer of several books and co-author of The Vegan Cook and Gardener.
More about Piers

The Vegan Cook & Gardener

Meghan Kelly: Learned veganic permaculture to become more self-sufficient while sticking to her vegan values. She has practiced veganics for over 10 years in community gardens, concrete jungles and up in the hills. She runs the Learn Veganic online course  and co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network .

Our website:
Our Facebook page:


Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time hopes to inspire and bring new ideas to foragers, growers and gardeners alike.

Now more than ever it is vital that we engage with how our food is grown.

Tune into our show and become part of the growing revolution which can not only transform your garden plot but also change the way the world grows its food.

A Vegan Organic Network production.