Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg

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News: Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg

The Vegan-Organic Network (VON) has just released Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg, an inspiring DVD which demonstrates how you can feed yourself and your family from your allotment or garden using stockfree organic techniques.

Stockfree organic differs from conventional organic in that, as well as avoiding synthetic chemicals and artificial fertilisers, growers also avoid animal inputs such as manure  or fish meal, and slaughterhouse products such as dried blood and bone meal.  The method relies instead on green manures, mulches, undersowing and crop rotation to maintain optimum soil health and fertility and to enhance local biodiversity.

Presenter Graham Cole is head gardener at Holywell House in Hampshire and has twenty years’ experience growing crops stockfree organically and sustainably, producing delicious vegetables and fruit which are genuinely clean, green and cruelty-free.

The DVD is a handy reference tool for the basics of stockfree organic gardening. It is divided into chapters so that you can easily locate sections of particular interest. Topics covered include:

– Problems with conventional growing

– The benefits of stockfree organic growing

– How to produce fertility

– Rotation of crops

– The importance of biodiversity

– Weed control

– Growing under glass

– Basic tools

You can buy a copy from our online shop.