Vegan Organic Fest 2022

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The Vegan Organic Fest is back for 2022!

Join us this August 18th –22nd and take some time out in beautiful Cornwall for a healing, entertaining and thought-provoking break.

Chyan Cultural Centre, an eleven acre site deep in the Cornish countryside will be our host again for the second year of the festival.

Chyan is an family friendly off grid veganic apple farm with its own supply of spring water, and wind turbine, which provides electricity for the whole site and the hot showers. The swimming pool and sauna are all fed by natural spring water. It has a capacity for 200 people, camping facilities, an on-site hostel and nearby alternative accommodation

The venue is a wonderful place for returning to nature, with a rich landscape to explore, some of the land is wild, some is nature reserve and there is plenty of flat meadow for camping.  Chyan has a 200-seater geodesic dome theatre, two large modern barns for classes, plus marquees. We are blessed to be able to hold the festival in such a beautiful, peaceful and positive space.

The on-site cafe will be serving up a delightful menu of hot meals, raw dishes and homemade cakes and treats, with veg supplied by local vegan organic grower Rich Hardy, ex-undercover animal rights investigator and the author of Not As Nature Intended.

We have a great line up of live music, yoga, tai chi, gong baths, foraging, wild walks, silent disco, fire, talks and discussion, dancing, veganic food, arts and crafts, circus skills, trampolining, sauna and swimming pool

Promo video

Vegan Organic Fest 2021 write up

Early Bird Offer ends 15th June 2022.

£15 discount for VON members. Join here
£10 discount for people cycling to the event.
For your discount code email:

The event is from midday on Thursday 18th August- Monday 22nd August with activities happening from Friday-Sunday.

No dogs allowed.

Vegan Queen V: Acoustic piano vocalist singing original animal rights and human rights songs. Watch on youtube.

Jonathan Barker-Creating a Forest Garden

In 2010 we started converting a 6 acre monoculture field into a forest garden, working part time (around 1 day a week) on our mission to create a biodiverse food forest. We began by planting many hundreds of metres of new hedgerow and windbreaks. We incorporated edible perennials such as Myrobalan Plum, Hazel, Bird Cherry and Sea Buckthorn. Alongside this we dug new ponds to capture rainwater for irrigation and improve the site for wildlife. We incorporated structural elements such as our 100 metre willow tunnel to act as an inner wind break, provide materials for weaving and a habitat for nesting birds. We have created distinct areas including orchards, rewilded and wooded zones incorporating several types of nut trees. We have planted around 4,500 trees in total over the years. As Maypole Forest Garden is a place for connection to nature as well as self-sufficiency and education, we have created a central fire pit circle for ceremonies and social gatherings. Our next project is to build an octagonal eco-community space using reclaimed materials and wood from the land. We have made strong connections with our local village biodiversity action group and advise others on setting up their own forest gardens. We hope to see similar projects emerge across the UK. We run a range of workshops and are planning our own Vegan festival this September.

Learn Chakra Dance with Jules
Wildlife Walks with Jack Riggall
Jack is an experienced professional field ecologist & volunteer surveyor for a wide range of wild mammals, from otters & badgers to voles & mice, and most importantly, as we rarely see them, their field signs! To encourage connection (or re-connection) with nature, and to share some basic wild mammal tracking skills, Jack will be leading guided walks to find out what species are living at Chyan and explaining how to identify field signs such as footprints.

Feel-good original reggae music. Ethical vegan BFriendly (Ian Haywood) has been an avid reggae fan since his teenage years. BFriendly has the ultimate in repertoire to brighten these challenging times. Utilising audience participation and opening the live act on guitar with his very own big reggae theme tune ‘Lucky Seven’ he moves swiftly into the delicious ‘Get Da Curry On’, and other great uplifting tracks including ‘Hello Hello’ about meeting an old friend after a long period of separation, ‘The Sunny Day Song’ celebrating life and love, and the infectious environmental pop song ‘Bee Friendly’ which inspired the creation of the act and was recently released as a single. Believe me this professional act will bring a smile to people’s faces and have them tapping their feet and singing along in no time! Watch on YouTube.

Giles Bryant – World Healing Project, Founder.
Giles has been a keen gardener for 30 years.  He has planted community orchards, forest gardens and medicinal herb areas at a variety of projects.  He runs the World Healing Project, promoting wellbeing for people and the planet, and has just released an 8-year project, One World, which features musicians and singers from around the world.
Rich Hardy From Undercover Journalist to Vegan Farmer
‘Two Years of Veganic Farming: What I’ve learnt and why I’ll continue to grow like this.’

After retiring as an undercover journalist, Rich Hardy turned to vegan farming as a way to both heal and campaign for a kinder food system. In this workshop, Rich will share his veganic farming skills with the audience so they can both learn to grow for themselves or harvest for a local community’.

Rich Hardy Bio

Rich Hardy has been a professional campaigner and investigative journalist for twenty-five years. He has led campaigns for some of Britain’s most creative and successful non-profit organisations including Surfers Against Sewage, cleaning up Europe’s coastlines and starting their fight against ocean plastic; and Veganuary, a pledge campaign that’s inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to try a vegan diet.

But all the while, and over the course of two decades, he’s been going undercover to document the animals that suffer for human gain. His images and testimony have fuelled the work of more than twenty international animal protection organisations.

These high-risk endeavours saw him awarded a Daily Mirror ‘Animal Hero Award’ in 2019 and saw the publication of his first book ‘Not As Nature Intended’ in 2020 (Unbound).

His latest project is a vegan farm in Cornwall, which he co-founded with his partner Pru.

Campaign Portfolio
2019 Daily Mirror Animal Hero Award Winner
Not As Nature Intended Book

Mark Barnwell – Award-winning Spanish Guitarist
Mark is a professional Spanish guitarist based in the South West of the UK. His experience of live performances spans over 35 years. His repertoire includes Latin, contemporary and world fusion as well as traditional Spanish guitar pieces. Visit his website for more information.
Bre Chittenden
Tibetan sound healing. I work the sound and vibrations of my singing bowls and other instruments to create a journey through time and space. Allowing us to release and work through anything that we are holding on too. The vibrations work on a cellular level helping to clear the facia of any build up of emotions and trauma. All you have to do is sit back get comfy and enjoy the sounds. We will start with a little movement and breath also.  
Talks and forest walks with Addy Fern from Plants for a Future
Learn Tai-Chi with Martyn Lewis
Juliette Bryant: Connecting To The Wisdom Of Plants And Medicinal Mushrooms For Health And Wellbeing. There are over 80,000 different edible plants on Earth and each plant has it’s own Wisdom and uses to help us align with optimal health. In this workshop you will learn about some of the Plants that can accelerate your journey to health and the Magic of Medicinal Mushroom. 

Playing at 432hz instead of standard tuning 440hz, this acoustic group quite literally bring the good vibes with their upbeat music, featuring covers of the best music of every decade since the 1950s, their own original songs that are equally as varied in their style and sound and some children’s songs that will please the adults just as much as the little ones!
Foraging walks with  Jon Dale
Jon forages for edible wild foods in the natural habitat where he lives in Cornwall. He runs a veganic project ‘Willow Way’, near Newquay, a place of education, teaching self sufficiency and veganic principles. To help heal the earth and help people to reduce their footprint. Also to help people become engaged with where their food comes from and how it is grown and also to reverse illness through this lifestyle.
Ellen Tout is a sustainability writer and author of The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating. Ellen is passionate about showing how we can reduce food waste and make the most of our ingredients. After discovering compleating, she realised there was a lack of plant-based books about this topic. Compleating means eating all edible parts of fruits and vegetables, and includes things like skins, cores, seeds, tops, roots and more to create delicious and nutritious food. Ellen will share how you can start compleating at home, as well as top tips, recipes and ways to use even the most unusual parts of your food.
Inner Sense
Clive and Dave: Acoustic guitar & Native American flute.
Daily yoga classes
Dark Station: Acoustic band comprising guitar, vox and cajon based in SE Cornwall.

Learn willow weaving with Cherry Chung.

Chyan Spa and pool.
Shiatsu, Sports & Aromatherapy Massage
Spa Soma Wood Fired Hot Tub & Sauna & Swim
Small and big kids activities. Trampolining, hula hoop, juggling and more.

‘Peace On Your Plate’ are a musical collective using music to spread a message of peace and positivity. Watch on Youtube
Tim Bliss Singer/songwriter/guitarist. Playing a mixture of serious & humorous original material as well as a diverse selection of covers. Normally performing solo but occasionally with a band. Heroes and Butterflies YouTube

Late night silent disco with Human Rhythms
Join me for an immersive, auditory experience, using wireless headphones, a chance for you to unwind and experience the wonderment of sounds and music from around the world. Be it dancing, walking, sitting and enjoying the choice is yours.
It’s about connecting with our inner human soul, letting go of our ego, labels and expectations, reconnecting with the humanity within us, we are all one.
Green Man Gongs
Jason from GreenManGongs, can’t wait to get back to Chyan again to be part of the VON festival n catch-up with everyone, last year was fantastic so hoping everyone from last year will be there, plus really looking forward to meeting all those who will be there for their first time!
I’ll be holding Gong Baths/Sound Journeys for my workshops, gonna be some powerfully deep sound immersion, detoxing, de-stressing, relaxation & hopefully leave you all blissed out for the rest of the days events  for anyone who’s never experienced a Gong Bath/Sound Journey you can click on link or go to GreenManGongs Facebook where there’s some great vids & descriptions of what you can expect, although to experience one is another level! It’s a personal journey,
Learn to juggle with balls or juggling clubs.
Bring your own and share/learn new tricks.

Festival Information

Festival tickets are inclusive of all entertainment, workshops, activities and camping from Thursday 18th August 12 midday to Monday 22nd August 2pm

£15 discount for VON members. Join here
£10 discount for people cycling to the event.
For your discount code email:

Ticket Prices
Adult: £140, Under 16: £30, Under 5’s :free. 
Electric cars free (charging point on site)
Day visitors, car park charge £8 each day.
Cars £20 for the event duration
Vans/caravans £35 for duration of the event
 Vans/caravans over 4.5m contact us to check available space:

Would you like to perform, give a talk, lead a workshop or volunteer?
Form for musicians and performers
Form for workshop leaders, talks, yoga , etc
Form for volunteers

Travel and disabled info
Public transport to Penryn train station or bus to Treverva from Falmouth then 30 min walk. Or bus to Longdowns and 40 min walk. We can arrange collections from the train station with the electric minibus at 9am and 5pm each day. There will be lots of travelling people and cycles are very welcome – there is a lock up cycle shed on site and an electric charger in the car park.
The hostel has one wheel chair room but the others can be accessed with help. There are two disabled loos.

If you want to arrive before Thursday or leave later than Monday afternoon you can, at a cost of £10 per night per adult camping and £12 if you have a live-in vehicle. Please not that the cafe is open only for the duration of the festival.
Contact Dan Graham if you require more information: tel. 07732733001 or email us at events@team
Nearby accommodation: Fig Tree Guest House is next door , Maenporth holiday village or look at B&Bs or hotels in Penryn, Constantine and Falmouth.

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