Buying & Saving Seeds

Growing for seed (Pippa Rosen) GGI 21 p36

Beans and Herbs at The Herbary (Pippa Rosen) GGI 35 p32

Sourcing, sowing and sprouting seed (Roger Roberts) GGI 30 p12

Seed saving (Beccy Middleton and Chloe Ward) GGI 30 p26

Potato Days – better than Xmas! (Ziggy Woodward) GGI 34 p28


Compost or mulch? (Dave of Darlington) GGI 19 p6 + GGI 20 p38

Composting woodchips (Iain Tolhurst) GGI 28 p36

Container Growing

Windowsill gardening (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 9 p2


Stockfree organic plant feed VON information sheet Num 1 second part

Myths of organic farming (Dave of Darlington) GGI 21 p38

Not-so-nice nitrogen (Dave of Darlington) GGI 22 p14

Hang on to your nitrogen (Dave of Darlington) GGI 24 p40

Saying no to too much nitrogen (Dave of Darlington) GGI 25 p12

Answering a frequent question: isn’t manure natural? (Meghan Kelly) GGI 29 p16

Fertilizing with human urine (Meghan Kelly) GGI 29 p38

Nitrogen – managing the unseen (Chloe Ward) GGI 34 p32

Green Manures

Under sowing green manures in vegetable crops (Iain Tolhurst) GGI 9 p22

Lively lupins (Peter White) GGI 9 p7

Green manures (Roger Higginbottom) GGI 22 p28

Comfrey, the wonder herb (Colleen Withall) GGI 25 p30

Choosing the right green manure GGI 31 p24

Growing Fruit

Growing for health: goji berry (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 20 p8

Growing for health: berry healthy! (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 23 p36

Growing Non-Edibles

Introducing bamboo (Amanda Rofe) GGI 22 p46

Bamboo for you! (Amanda Rofe) GGI 23 p38

Growing Techniques

Growing on clay soils VON information sheet Num 3

The big cover up – polytunnels (David Milton) GGI 26 p30

Growing in partial shade (John Curtis/Ziggy Woodward) GGI 29 p34

Is there an upside to a wet and cloudy summer? (Ziggy and John) GGI 30 p32

Growing in rows or beds (John Curtis) GGI 32 p34

Growing Veg

Growing beans for drying VON information sheet Num 2

Beans are brilliant (Pippa Rosen) GGI 23 p20

Beating the blight (Iain Tolhurst) GGI 11 p21

More on no-dig potato growing (Dave of Darlington) GGI 21 p10

Growing potatoes in the UK or similar climates (John Curtis) GGI 34 p28

Overwintering onions (John Curtis) GGI 33 p36

Growing for health: parsley (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 19 p17

Growing for health: beneficial broccoli (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 21 p12

Growing for health: the leaf beets (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 22 p30

Growing for health: buckwheat bonanza! (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 24 p8

Chicory tips! (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 29 p36

No Dig

A reluctant convert to no-dig (Roger Roberts) GGI 27 p20


Permaculture, perennials and resources GGI 21 p37

Vegan permaculture in the sunshine state (Kip Bellairs) GGI 28 p22

Plant-based permaculture (Meghan Kelly) GGI 28 p28

Growing up – forest gardening (Chloe Ward) GGI 23 p26

The forest garden – towards fruition (Chloe Ward) GGI 28 p16

Prominent People in Vegan Organics

Mary Bryniak, vegan-organic pioneer (Kath Clements) GGI 25 p16

Mary Bryniak 1924-2015 (Mike Wright) GGI 37 p31

The legacy of Kathleen Jannaway GGI 34 p34

Graham Burnett interview – the path to permaculture GGI 35 p10

Reviews – books & DVDs

Book review: Organic Alice (Tamara Cooke) GGI 23 p18

Book review: Permaculture – a beginner’s guide GGI 23 p19

VON’s new DVD: Growing Green: Grow your own fruit and veg (Ben Clements) GGI 28 p21

Book review: Growing Sustainability by Dave of Darlington (Rod Skinner) GGI 28 p38

The Vegan Book of Permaculture (Tony Martin) GGI 34 p20

Soil type, structure & biology

Garden fungi VON information sheet Num 5

The root dwellers (Jörg Zimmerman) GGI 9 p30

The importance of earthworms for soil structure (Dave of Darlington) GGI 23 p10

Soil science matters (Jakub Olewski) GGI 24 p12

Carbon sequestration in the soil: making it work (Jakub Olewski) GGI 29 p10

The importance of black carbon (Dave of Darlington) GGI 27 p11

Stockfree Farming

Lazy Millennial Farms – USA GGI 37 p38

Featherview Banana Farm – Australia GGI 37 p38

Starting and growing Scilly Organics (Jonathan Smith) GGI 28 p10

Growing green in Montana – USA (Helen Atthowe) GGI 29 p26

VON pitches in at Growing with Grace (Ann Algie) GGI 29 p14

Growing with Grace – Maintaining a healthy fertile soil without animal derived inputs (Cara Whelan) GGI36 p24

Learning from agroforestry experts (Helen Woodcock) GGI 37 p32

Storing/Preserving Fruit/Veg

Practical preserving (Marian Silvester) GGI 19 p7


Gardening for wildlife (Pauline Lloyd) VON information sheet Num 6

Guide to beetles (Pauline Lloyd) VON information sheet Num 7

To feed or not to feed (John Bryant) GGI 24 p28

Grow some flowers! (Christine Mackay) GGI 29 p22

Allotments for wildlife (Pauline Lloyd) GGI 30 p14

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