A Day in the life on Tolhurst Stockfree Organic Farm

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Farming for a Future
A Day In The Life On Tolhurst Stockfree Organic Farm

In June this year, Cherry and Dan from the Vegan Organic Network paid a visit to Tolhurst Stockfree Organic Farm.
We met with Tamara and Tolly and their dedicated team to discuss how we might work together to promote VON’s Stockfree Organic Standards, and for Tolhurst Organic to rebrand and to become a Centre of Excellence for Stockfree Organic Farming and Veganic Food.
While we were at the farm we filmed some behind the scenes footage and got a little insight into exactly what’s involved day to day, to bring us the veg and produce we so often tend to take for granted!

Tune in and see how our day unfolded!

Sunday 31st July 9pm.

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