Veganic Gardeners Question Time Thursday 26th May

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Tony Martin–will host an entertaining evening with some twenty-four-carrot advice from Anton Rosenfeld Research Officer at Garden Organic, Horticultural Journalist Mathew Appleby and Medical Herbalist Maureen Robertson.

Thursday 26th May

7pm-7.45pm UK Time

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Tony Martin Editor of Growing Green International magazine:

Tony Martin became veggie in 1978 and then vegan in 1986 for the sake of the animals. He has always been interested in gardening since sampling real food grown in his grandparents garden when he was about 8. After growing for 13 years in a 1/20 of an acre garden in Derbyshire he decided he needed a bigger play space and 18 years ago brought 5.5 acres of Welsh hillside and planted over 12,500 trees and hundreds of fruit bushes. He has recently moved to a 1.5 small holding in Carmarthen.
He is interested in permaculture having completed a PDC with Aranya in 2012, organised two vegan PDCs on his land and has had articles published in GGI and Permaculture magazine and has been editor of Growing Green International since issue 40.

Mathew Appleby: Author and three time winner of the Garden Media Guild best journalist award, his latest book is The Super Organic Gardener – Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Garden.

Anton Rosenfeld Research Officer at Garden Organic:

Anton Rosenfeld has been with Garden Organic for 18 years. His work has ranged from projects with commercial field-scale growers to small-scale community gardens and allotments.  He has worked as a grower, runs many training courses and regularly writes for Grow Your Own and Kitchen Garden magazine.  He has a passion for soils, composting and growing veg from a wide range of cultures and horizons. He is a keen advocate of a vegan diet and veganic gardening and has been vegan for over 30 years.

Maureen Robertson Medical Herbalist:

MAUREEN has over 25 years of experience working with herbs and sharing the Green knowledge. She co-founded the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 1992 offering courses from introductory to professional training at BSc and MSc degree level.

At the same time she encountered Goethe’s way of studying “the Holy Open Book of Nature” as shared by Rudolf Steiner and discovered an approach of wholeness to studying plants, landscape and natural phenomena. She developed a clinical application of Goethe’s method which shaped her herbal practice and the way she supports the healing process for the people she works with.

In 2012 she established the Herbal Apprenticeship at Drimlabarra Herb Farm, Isle of Arran, Scotland which she ran for 4 years before relocating to Portugal.

Her travels in Peru and Ecuador meeting shamans and teacher plants helped create a deepening into the interior world of self healing and the shamanic practices which aid these processes are now an integral part of her approach to purification and rejuvenation.  

Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time hopes to inspire and bring new ideas to foragers, growers and gardeners alike.

Now more than ever it is vital that we engage with how our food is grown.

Tune into our show and become part of the growing revolution which can not only transform your garden plot but also change the way the world grows its food.

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