Save our Wildlife Arts Competition-Youth Groups and Home Educators

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Plant power!

Exciting environmental competition for young change-makers  

Do you have a passion for our planet, an affection for our animals, and a natural love for nature?

There’s no greater feeling than doing something good for our planet. And a new, whole-group initiative is pretty exciting, too!

Take part in our creative ‘Save our Wildlife’ competition this August, and your young environmentalists can raise their voices, save our planet, and win some incredible prizes.

Get involved in the 2021 Save our Wildlife Youth Arts Competition!

We are pleased to announce that our first Save our Wildlife arts competition is open to all home educators and youth groups.

Submissions are accepted in most art forms – let your imagination run WILD!

Our competition is suitable for all ages and will be fun and educational for younger children and challenging and engaging for older students.

One winner in each of the 5 key stage groups will receive a day with willow artist Cherry Chung or £250.00. We will also have gift voucher prizes for the top 15 entries from individuals.

COP26 Climate Change Conference is in November 2021.


Did you know ONLY 4% of ALL MAMMALS are WILDLIFE, 60% are FARM ANIMALS and 36% HUMAN?

Click Here to Find out Why.

Join our competition, learn how even the littlest change can make a huge difference, and play your part in creating a more sustainable future.

Help students become better-informed about the environmental crisis we’re in, and the part they can play to help solve it.
Explore the impact of what we eat and the way food is grown, and take steps towards a healthier future.
Support your geography and citizenship curricula, and get help teaching engaging, accurate sustainability topics.

Use the competition to support your school’s Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation application, and showcase your environmental actions to your school community.

Can what we eat really help save wildlife?

Winning entries will demonstrate how we can save our wildlife and care for our common home.

Who can enter?

Young people can enter individually, in pairs or in groups.

We welcome entries from young people of all abilities , from age 3 right up to age 19. We can only accept a maximum of 10 entries per group – so be sure to whittle them down to your best creations!

Gifts for entering the competition

The first 150 groups to submit their competition entries will receive a twisted living willow wand plant, a bird box and a copy of Growing Green International Magazine and seeds to plant.

Prizes & judging

Entries will be split into age groups for judging, with one main prize winner per key stage, and five prizes per age group in the following categories (20 in total)

Prizes are as follows, with a total of 20 prizes awarded:

Age groups: 3-7, 7-11, 11-14, 14-16 and 16-19 year olds

  • 5 x Individual winners, 1 per age group- £20 voucher
  • 5 x Paired winners, 1 pairs per age group – £10 voucher each
  • 5 x Group winners, 1 per age group – Prizes decided on a case by case basis, and will be a £50 voucher, or cheque for the school to choose appropriate prizes
  • 1 winner in each age group will receive a day with Willow Artist Cherry Chung or £250, 5 in total (international groups will receive the £250 prize)

What we eat and how we grow our food today will decide the future of tomorrow!


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