Rethinking Food and Agriculture

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Rethinking Food and Agriculture

We had a couple of technical hiccups with the Laila Kassam interview the other day so here is the edited version.

Tony Martin interviews Dr Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank) about her new book Rethinking Food and Agriculture which she co-authored with Professor Amir Kassam (University of Reading). 

The book highlights the urgent need to ‘rethink’ the food and agriculture system and highlights ‘new ways forward’, including alternative paradigms of agriculture, human nutrition and political economy that are more ethical, sustainable and just. Contributors include Robert Chambers, David Jenkins, Tony Juniper, Dr. Shireen Kassam, David Montgomery, Vandana Shiva and many others. It’s a wonderful contribution to the science and philosophy supporting the urgent need to transition to a non-violent vegan food system and restore a right relationship with ourselves, other species and nature.

There will be a question and answer session at the end of the show, please send your questions to or you can ask your question on the night in the comments section on Facebook or youtube during the show.
Full book review.