Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time

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Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time 

Join us for an entertaining evening and some twenty-four carrot advice from Swedish Veganic Farmer Peter Albrecht, Aranya Austin Permaculture designer and Wildlife Film Maker Piers Warren from the comfort of their own homes, answering gardening questions sent in by the audience.
Get tips, ideas and inspiration on growing your own.
Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time hopes to inspire and bring new ideas to foragers, growers and gardeners alike.

Tuesday 22nd September 7pm UK Time Zone 45 minutes

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Peter Albrecht: Operates a micro farm growing Veggies for seed for a seed firm called Nordfrö in Sweden. He also grows for his family and put on events, for example; vegan farming classes, vegan permaculture and private events.  They grow a large variety of vegetables and beans. They also do lectures to promote vegan agriculture. They also have a large forest garden with perennial vegetables, fruit and berries. They also teach forest garden design and host pupils studying agriculture, small scale farming and permaculture. Mainly use no-dig methods. 
Find Peter on Instagram @vegantradgard and Facebook 

Aranya Austin: Permaculture designer, teacher, and author of ‘Permaculture Design – a Step-by-Step Guide’. Aranya also writes occasionally for magazines and from time to time shares interesting items on his blog. He is currently writing a second book, about a subject he’s especially fascinated by, the application of systems thinking and patterns in permaculture design.
He’s been vegan since 1984, especially loves applying permaculture thinking in the garden, and feels that it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to teach “something that can make a real difference in all our lives”.

Piers Warren: Conservationist, author and keen grower of organic fruit and vegetables. He is the founder of Wildeye – The International School of Wildlife Film-making. Writer of several books and co-author of The Vegan Cook and Gardener.
More about Piers Vegan Cook & Gardener

Now more than ever it is vital that we engage with how our food is grown. Tune into our show and become part of the growing revolution which can not only transform your garden plot but also change the way the world grows its food.
Grow veganic for a cruelty free world with clean rivers and oceans, wild life, trees and safe food that doesn’t cause deadly viruses which come from the trade in dead animals.

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