Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time Episode 2

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Dan Graham is joined by Graham Burnett, Sarah Wilson, Steph Hafferty and Tony Martin from the comfort of their own homes, answering gardening questions sent in by the audience.
Get tips, ideas and inspiration on growing your own.

Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time hopes to inspire and bring new ideas to foragers, growers and gardeners alike.
Tuesday 12th May 7pm UK Time Zone
45 minutes
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Our panel will include:

Graham Burnett: An activist for social and environmental justice since leaving school in the late 1970s, Graham Burnett has taught permaculture workshops and courses for over 20 years. He founded Spiralseed in 2001, and is a regular contributor to publications as diverse as Positive News, The Sunday Times, Permaculture Magazine, Permaculture Activist, New Leaves, The Raven, Growing Green, Funky Raw, The Vegan and The Idler. He the author of The Vegan Book of Permaculture and Permaculture A Beginners Guide, and is currently writing ‘The Regenerative Allotment and Garden’ for Permanent Publications.

Sarah Wilson:Sarah has designed various show gardens and installations in the UK and overseas, including at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, RHS Cardiff, the Besiktas Flower Festival and London Bridge Station. She also teaches and speaks on planting design and wildlife-friendly and sustainable gardens. Sarah works part-time as a Horticultural Adviser to a national charity which provides Social & Therapeutic Horticulture to veterans. where she is leading on the charity’s commitment to run a site which adheres to best practice with regards to environmental impact and reducing its carbon footprint. She is also the host of a weekly podcast called Roots and All, which has a particular focus on low-impact and vegan ways of managing gardens and the environment.

Steph Hafferty:

Stephanie Hafferty is a leading authority on no dig gardening, a garden and food writer, edible garden consultant, has worked as a no dig kitchen gardener for eleven years and grown on allotments for over 30 years. She has created kitchen gardens on private estates, including running a no dig kitchen garden for Sir Cameron Macintosh, and for restaurants, currently for Roth Bar and Grill at Hauser and Wirth Somerset. 
This year Stephanie is co-designing a show garden for the RHS at the Hampton Court Flower Show.
She specialises in growing in domestic spaces, teaching and writing about how to grow food year round, whatever your plot size. Stephanie is passionate about promoting affordable healthy food for all, how to grow it and then what to do with it, having raised three children mostly as a single mum. She develops and shares plant based recipes based almost entirely on food that can be grown at an allotment, and also uses plants to make body products, household cleaners, preserves, alcohol: “small scale homesteading”. 

Stephanie lives in a very ordinary semi-detached ex council house where she grows food at a nearby allotment, in her front garden, back garden, on windowsills and any space she can find. 
Stephanie writes a blog, for various publications including a regular feature for Growing Green International, Permaculture magazine and the Kitchen Garden magazine and has written three books: including

The Creative Kitchen 2018
 and is currently writing No Dig Year Round Harvests: How to grow food all year in your garden, allotment or homestead February 2021

You can find her at on Facebook at   and  twitter

Tony Martin :Tony Martin became veggie in 1978 and then vegan in 1986 for the sake of the animals. He has always been interested in gardening since sampling real food grown in his grandparents garden when he was about 8. After growing for 13 years in a 1/20 of an acre garden in Derbyshire he decided he needed a bigger play space and 15 years ago brought 5.5 acres of Welsh hillside and planted over 12,500 trees and hundreds of fruit bushes. He is editor of the Vegan Organic Network magazine Growing Green International (GGI).

Now more than ever it is vital that we engage with how our food is grown.

Tune into our show and become part of the growing revolution which can not only transform your garden plot but also change the way the world grows its food.

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