Liverpool Vegan Fair report

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Liverpool’s LABL (Live a Better Life) Vegan Fair was held on Sat 12th April.

It was all hands on deck for the VON crew – Cherry, Kerry and Jenny worked hard at our ever popular juice stand, Jane and I helped on the VON info stall, and David gave a talk to about 30 people who wanted to learn about VON and the work we do.

The event had lots of stalls, many of which were also at VON’s Manchester Vegan Fair on May 17th. There was also a talks room, and another room for caterers who were serving hot food.

It was the first outing for our new food labelling petition – people were eager to sign it and to find out more about how their food is grown. This is the wording:

Currently most organic food is grown with fish, blood and bone. Given the choice most people want their food grown with plant based fertilisers and free from chemicals. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to introduce labelling on food, which will inform people as to the type of fertilisers being used to grown individual crops.

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