VON Scoops Award

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The Vegan Society has announced the winners of its 2009 awards, decided as always by ballot of the Society’s members. The award for Best Vegan Project or Campaign goes to the Vegan-Organic Network, voted to be outstanding amongst a growing number of contenders.

In announcing the award, Amanda Baker, Vegan Society Media Officer, said ‘Congratulations – it’s great to see VON getting the wider recognition which you deserve.’

VON is doubly pleased because this is the second time they have received the award, suggesting that their message of ‘clean, green and cruelty free’ food is really spreading. VON exists to promote organic stockfree methods of growing food, which means avoiding manufactured chemicals, animal manures and slaughterhouse by-products. Since VON published the Stockfree Organic Standards in 2004, 40 stockfree farms have been added to VON’s directory, all successful and some very highly respected in the organic fraternity.

David Graham, Chair of the Vegan-Organic Network, accepted the award ‘on behalf of the lives saved by the 40 farmers affiliated to the Vegan-Organic network who use the stockfree organic method of cultivation. As well as our farmers providing vegetables and fruit to over 3,000 families every week, this system saves from destruction thousands of trees, insects and animals and has the smallest carbon footprint of all farming methods. So a big hug to the members of the Vegan Society from the birds, beasts and trees.’

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