New Database for Animal Free Agriculture – Over 1700 References

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The Vegan-Organic Network, in collaboration with Vegatopia, are pleased to announce a new database of over 1700 scholarly references related to the science, practice and benefits of animal free agriculture:

The database will be immensely useful for those with a research or practitioner interest in animal free agriculture, including growers, government, NGOs, academics and students. The database includes full academic references for every entry. Most entries are also annotated with summary notes and key quotations.

The database is the work of the late Dave of Darlington. Dave was a vegan-organic grower in Durham who made a life work of studying the benefits of animal free agriculture in relation to its implications for world peace and ecology. As part of this, he compiled many references and related information. Dave, a gentle, modest man died in May 2008.Phil Sleigh of the Vegan-Organic Network kindly took over responsibility for the database and has converted it into the Excel spreadsheet and html versions available from the above link. For queries, comments or corrections, contact Phil notes explaining the database fields and the abbreviations used, see

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