Go Stockfree Organic to avoid Aminopyralid

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Crop losses caused by aminopyralid [a] contaminated manure have hit the headlines once more as the Vegan-Organic Network (VON) urges growers to adopt its climate-friendly stockfree methods.

VON, an international educational charity promoting the benefits of vegan-organic (stockfree organic) horticulture and agriculture, wants to dispel the myth that animal inputs are necessary in order to grow healthy crops in an environmentally sustainable and economically profitable way. Manure does not have to come from animals!

Stockfree organic growers maintain fertility by means of crop rotation, green manures, mulching and composting. Numerous farmers, growers and gardeners have shown the efficacy of these methods over many years. Avoidance of animal manure and slaughterhouse by-products popular with conventional organic growers lessens the chances of pathogens finding their way into food.

“There are still so many dangerous chemicals getting into the food chain” said trustee Peter White. “Going stockfree organic means that growers have far more control over the quality of the crops they produce as, in virtually all cases, fertility is generated on the holding, rather than being brought in from outside. It’s time for growers to look at the viability and many benefits of stockfree organic alternatives.”

Information about the VON standards and the support and advice the charity offers can be found at www.veganorganic.net  and a wealth of information about commercial stockfree organic growing at www.stockfreeorganic.net  For more information about aminopyralid, see http://tinyurl.com/aminopyralid

[a] Aminopyralid is the active ingredient in a broadleaf herbicide used to control weeds.

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