Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. At a time when news of death and destruction is so dominant our message of friendship and compassion is even more important. Although the thrust of VON is to promote vegan organic/stockfree organic farming and growing the philosophy and practice that underpins this is a nonviolent transformation in our relationship with people, animals and the planet. We attempt to broadcast these aims as widely as possible by talks, literature, stands at fairs and DVDs.

Our Directory that lists commercial stockfree/vegan organic farms has been successful in ensuring we are able to advertise and inform individuals and the public that another system of growing food and thereby changing the world is possible. In order to broadcast vegan organic growing more widely we would like to compile a Directory of home growers. In addition this questionnaire also asks our members if they would support our work in their area.

Because we have to be aware of the data protection act please make it clear if we can use all your contact details, or, if you would prefer your name and area only.

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The following questions are for growers only