Growing Green International is the twice yearly magazine published by the Vegan Organic Network, and is free to members (click here to join VON) – it is available in printed or digital form.


As some people are having problems getting fresh fruit and vegetables due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Vegan Organic Network is giving open access to all back issues of Growing Green International Magazine until the end of the Covid situation (normally only available to members).

Please feel free to link to and/or share any or all of the 44 issues (over 1700 pages) as well as our growers guide “Growing Veganically”

Click here to download any of the magazines in high quality PDFs you are welcome to share this link on social media, websites, by email etc. (Please note that due to high quality and demand for this magazine it may take a minute or so to download.)

The magazine reflects a broad range of information and opinions, covering the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of vegan organic growing. We try to feature a mixture of articles that cover practical, technical and ethical issues, as well as hints and tips, letters, photos and illustrations. Most of the articles on our articles page on growing are from this magazine. Growing Green International is now recognised and widely read by those concerned with vegan organic cultivation in many parts of the world.

Click here to see the contents of this latest issue and all previous ones too (some articles are freely available online and those are marked in blue). The complete set of back issues is available online to VON members – if you’re already a member please email to ask for access to these (the members forum which previously included the back issues is no longer operating).

We want to know, what do you want from the magazine? What kind of articles, overviews, or in-depth pieces? What subjects? Have you spotted some news you think we should include? Are you organising an event? Would you like to run a stall for us? Would you like to help in another way such as proofreading, or advertising our events or magazine? Could you write an article for inclusion in our next issue? Don’t worry if you’ve never written anything before, we’ll be glad to help. Contact Tony at and we’ll get back to you on how best we can enable your creative or other talents but first please read the submission guide below.

Articles for publication: submission guide

Size. Each page is around 600 words and normally the limit is about 4 pages (If longer perhaps it can be spread over 2 or more issues?)
As to size, just write whatever size you feel is appropriate, we don’t like creative flow to be stifled.

Text. Please send as PLAIN text files without formatting, bullet points etc to

Pictures. Around 2-2.5 Per page. We appreciate these at the highest resolution jpg you have so we can adjust them to the needs of the printers and the mag. If they are too large to email please send via (this is a free service).

Copyright. Any work submitted must be either be owned by you and/or be free of copyright issues.

Deadlines. Magazines are produced twice yearly at the end of February and August. Items for consideration need to be sent in at least 10 weeks in advance of the printing date. Where possible and appropriate we will try and include in the next issue depending on space, deadlines and if it is appropriate for that season.

News. It may be that we have room for smaller news items nearer the deadlines, courses, events, etc, please email ASAP

If you need clarification please ask the editor for a guide explaining in more detail or to discuss any ideas you may have.    Many thanks Tony Martin

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