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12.00: Dean Bracher:  Find out that being vegan is cool and ethical. Gives you new options and you learn of the plight of animals and the planet and how you can do something about it. A talk from a vegan about being vegan and all in-between from vegan a to vegan z!

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Short film-Vegan Organic Farm

14.00: David Graham:Working for a green, clean and cruelty free world means that we must stop feeding livestock that uses 45% of the earth’s arable land and is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases and the methane they emit is up to 100 times more destructive than CO2. Whilst people starve 70 Billion farmed animals are killed annually for food. This is unethical and cruel. Chorlton has two unique projects that set out to change this: Unicorn the vegan superstore and The Vegan Organic Network (VON) that promotes vegan organic – stockfree farming: farming without killing. Learn about VON’s work and join the discussion.

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15.00-Gill Book reading:


16.30 Vegan speed dating