The members forum is no longer running. Instead we’re now giving VON members a direct link to the magazine back issues – please email our membership secretary at if you would like this link to the back issues, and/or the digital version of the current issue.

All forum members were sent a link to the back issues on 2nd February 2017.

If you can’t see the Members Forum down below (but can see “Oh bother! No forums were found here!“), either:

(1) login on the right if you’re already a forum member, or

(2) email us at to say you would like to join. You need to be a paid-up VON member (not just a VON Facebook member) to access the forum, so please use a name and/or email address that is the same or similar to what we already have listed for you. And, if possible, tell us your VON membership number.

It may take a day or two for your request to be approved, as all new users are verified as VON members before being given access to the forum.

At present the “forum” consists only of the back issues (and index) of VON’s magazine Growing Green International. For lively discussions of all matters related to vegan organic growing go instead to VON’s Facebook group