Are you interested in being a vegan organic farmer? VON advises new and experienced growers on how to manage their systems organically, ethically and sustainably.

Stockfree Organic Standards Comprehensive guidelines on how to manage stockfree organic systems.

Stockfree Organic Services We have an advisory panel of experienced farmers and growers who will be pleased to answer questions and discuss any issues raised by anyone already managing land stockfree or who is considering converting to this method. Aimed at farmers, we also have a stockfree organic website.

Resources We have a number of practical and useful articles, books & DVDs with information & advice on all aspects of vegan organic growing. These include the 328-page book Growing Green, written by stockfree organic farmers Jenny Hall and Iain Tolhurst, which is the most comprehensive guide on stockfree organic systems. We publish and send out to our members Growing Green International, our bi-annual magazine. All three of our DVDs can be watched for free (but at lower video quality) on our vegan organic YouTube page. Two of them demonstrate stockfree farms, while the third is aimed at gardeners.

Get some experience find a grower in our farms’ directory that you may be able to visit, volunteer or apprentice with.

Bursaries VON offers financial support for students interested in learning about stockfree organic growing. Bursary information for students.

Links Here are vegan organic links to relevant resources, organisations and websites that are supportive of our aims.