Free Food Event Manchester

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The Vegan Organic Network have brought some cheer to 2014, with our free food and short film events. The films have included: Making the Connection Farming with Graham Cole and Ian Tolhurst; Bejamin Zephania; Alternative cures for cancer and diabetes; Wha Me Eat – Macka B;  Man-Steve Cutts; Famous Vegetarians and Vegans and Cows with Guns to name but a few.

We are linking the events in with a local food bank, we have now supplied food to over one hundred local people. The frozen food comes via the Shiva Trust who give out vegan food to the homeless.

At the events we provide hot food and  drinks and a wide variety of leaflets and recipe books, the films are shown in a room with space for about fifty people.

Feedback from the events has been really positive with a number of people saying they want to become vegan.

The events have been made possible by the St Wilfreds Enterprise Centre who have provided us with a free space, the Wesley Furniture Project who have supplied a number of freezers, the Tea Time Collective a local vegan cafe who have helped with catering equipment and heating up the pies and the hard working VON volunteers who make it all happen.

Keep a lookout on our events diary to when and where we will be next. Any one interested in helping out email:

Snowdon Vegan Cake Party 2013

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Snowdon Cake Party2 small

Snowdon Vegan Cake Party 27th July 2013

What a brilliant day!

About forty Vegans walked up Snowdon along the Rhyd Ddu path that lead us to the summit of Snowdon. On the summit we displayed our banner and gave cake to the many people gathered, the sky was blue and the views incredible. We partied on the top of Snowdon for about an hour, then descended down the South Ridge.

At the bottom of the South Ridge we ate more cake, took more photos then went in two directions. One group took the route back to the car park, the other group took a longer route back to our camp site.

Danny(11) and Izaak(10) the only children on the walk took the longer route about 12miles in all, they started walking at 11am and got back to camp at 8pm.

Izaak said: I walked to the Summit of Snowdon it was it great fun, but the ridge was a bit scary, there was a massive drop on one side and on the other was just fog.

Seminars with Tolhurst Organic

Renowned stock-free organic grower, Ian Tolhurst is delivering a number of seminars this year on many aspects of vegan organic growing and agroecological methods of managing land.


Tolhurst Organic lies just outside the village of Whitchurch-on-Thames in south Oxfordshire. Nestled between the Chilterns and the river Thames, the farm of 19 acres is situated in the picturesque Hardwick Estate, with 17 acres in two fields and 2 acres in the 500 year old walled garden.

Iain Tolhurst, along with his business partner Lin, have held the organic symbol for over 30 years, thus making Tolhurst Organic one of the longest running organic vegetable farms in England. The farm doesn’t only hold the “Soil Association” symbol but was the first to attain the “Stockfree Organic” symbol in 2004, and has had no grazing animals and no animal inputs to any part of the farm for the last 10 years

VON at the West Midlands Vegan Festival

VON at the West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton,  27th October 2012 11am-6pm & Afterparty

·         Save Animals
·         Save the Planet
·         Save Yourself

VON volunteers: Izaak, Simon, Nick, Nicki and Dan

We arrived about an hour before the event started to set up our stall, when we arrived at least fifty people were queuing to get in and by the start the queue had grown to at least 200.

The venue filled quickly, this was not a problem as the Civic Hall had three floors with activities going on throughout the day.

We were on the ground floor with all the other stalls and stands; consisting of animal rights campaigns, food companies giving away freebees and stands selling clothes, jewellery and cosmetics.

In the basement, there was a dedicated kid’s space, an entertainment stage and various cafes selling vegan food with plenty of room to sit down, relax and enjoy the entertainment while eating.

Workshops and talks were held on the first floor in a number of rooms. Nick and Nicki gave a talk on the vegan project they are involved with in India: The Sadhana Reforestation Project. Sadhana Forest started its ecological revival and sustainable living work on December 19th 2003; volunteers are welcome on the project for more information visit:

Our stall attracted a lot of interest, new members and a number of current members came by and to say hello.

Izaak showed great salesmanship, at the tail end of the event he took the VON DVDs and magazines round and I think he managed to sell at least one to each person left. Also he won the rowing and push up competition for his age group (10 year olds).

The night was young and we were hungry after loading the van, so we went on to the after party at a venue round the corner. The venue had a full vegan menu and entertainment; we enjoyed our meals while being entertained by various musicians including Gareth Evans from the VON garden party, who rocked.

Thank you to the West Midlands Vegan crew for putting on a great event!