Are you interested in being a vegan organic (stockfree) farmer? Or gaining experience and understanding of these systems?

About the Vegan Organic Network Bursary Fund

The aim of the Fund is to offer financial assistance towards tuition fees to prospective vegan and vegetarian students who may have financial difficulties and who wish to study vegan organic/stockfree horticulture and agriculture. Although the Fund has limited resources VON wants to encourage as many prospective students as possible to study and apply vegan organic growing methods. VON considers this system to be the most ethical, sustainable and essential method to secure a viable future in relation to minimising climate change and greenhouse gases, securing food supplies and the most efficient use of the land.

The Fund is available for those applying for courses that advance vegan organic/stockfree farming and growing and are approved by the Fund administrators and Trustees. The grant does not have to be repaid. However, if the financial situation of the student improves at any time it will be up to the recipient, if they choose, to repay all or part of the grant. The bursary will be paid at the beginning of each year or as appropriate to the course. The bursary is for up to £150.00 for VON members and £100.00 for non members. VON may be able to offer further help. This may depend on how many bursaries are applied for, funds we receive and the financial status of the bursary fund.

How to Apply

Please download form here and send to the membership secretary at