VON is a volunteer led organisation with a range of people making sure things run as smoothly as possible while doing everything we can to support vegan-organic growing, from the back gardens to commercial farms. If you’re not sure who would be best placed to answer your query or enquiry you can always use the contact form but below are the latest details of who does what.

David Graham Chair & Trustee
Jane Graham Trustee
Graham Cole Trustee
Jenny Hall Trustee
Paul Miller Trustee
Naomi Jones Book keeper
Tony Martin Editor of Growing Green International magazine editor@veganorganic.net
Jessica Wintrip Membership membership@veganorganic.net
Dan Graham Events & publicity events@veganorganic.net
John Read VON farm visits visits@veganorganic.net
Maggi Taylor Stockfree Organic Services Farmers and Growers Directory media@veganorganic.net
John Curtis Merchandise & Growing Queries advice@veganorganic.net

We also have good links with the Vegan Agricultural Network in Canada – for more information see www.goveganic.net