The Vegan Organic Network aims:

  • To educate the public about how their food is grown.
  • To network with growers locally and around the world.
  • To specify the methods and standards for veganic growing and to enable growers to become certified using these standards.
  • To support veganic demonstration, education and research centres.
  • To encourage veganic cultivation on a small scale as well as commercial growing.
  • To support farmers who want to convert to veganic growing and individuals who want who want to learn how to grow veganically.
  • To campaign for a veganic standard label on produce.

Veganic growing is but one aspect of a dynamic culture. Our commitment is to peace and justice for people, animals and the environment in a sustainable balance. To achieve this we must change our lifestyles and introduce a philosophy which will continue to maintain our unique planet. We are motivated by our awareness of the great unease in society that we are moving towards a world that can no longer sustain life in the natural way it has always evolved.