We are losing our right to peaceful protest-here’s how you can take action

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This post does not relate directly to veganic growing, but it does affect the future rights of groups like VON to express alternative views to the status quo, and to call for action by joining protests such as we did at  COP26.

You have only a few days to make your voice heard before the House of Lords meets to make any amendments to the Policing Bill! 

Add YOUR voice and join us in opposing these measures which curb our freedoms of speech by following the links below.

In March 2021, a collective outcry amongst environmentalists and human rights advocates echoed across the country after the UK government published its proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) bill. The bill gives police extraordinary powers to crack down on the freedom to protest, criminalises Gypsy and Traveller communities’ way of life and threatens foreign nationals’ residency status. Recently, home secretary Priti Patel added further authoritarian amendments at short notice, leaving little time for parliamentary scrutiny. The bill is currently with the House of Lords after passing through the Commons. Protest-related clauses are to be debated on 10th January.

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