Bi-weekly Veganic Grower’s Hour

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The bi-weekly Veganic Grower’s Hour starting February 3rd from 7-8 P.M. EST (12am-1am UK time-recordings can be watched using the YouTube link) will be a youtube live stream question, answer and discussion show. It will be following the planting season regarding any and all elements of veganic growing methods. Each show will be led by a specific topic of conversation, specifically focusing on North American small-scale farmers and gardeners that cultivate on one acre and less. Prior to every show I invite you to send in your questions to: or facebook: jimmyvidele by Wednesday evening, if you desire. 

I have been growing my own food for 25 years, professional organic farming for 18 and veganic growing since 2014. In addition to the two farms I co-owned in Arizona and Boileau, Québec I have had the fortunate opportunity to consult, advise, volunteer and work on eleven other farms throughout Québec, Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador as well as with AUM Films (Cowspiracy and What the Health docu-films), Humane Party USA, Animal Protection Party Canada and Growing Green International magazine UK.In these ever-changing times the one certainty I have been blessed to partake in is growing my own biodiverse mix of fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers. My knowledge and experience are there for the asking of. I hope to help you along your path!

Here are the dates and links for Veganic Grower’s Hour moderated by Jimmy Videle. Please note you can use the links to watch the recordings of the shows.

February 3rd:
February 17th:
March 3rd:
March 17th:
March 31st:
April 14th:
April 28th: