What is Veganic Permaculture? Interview w/ Tony Martin

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Since our recent trip to Farm Dirt in Houston we started learning about sustainable, nutrient rich compost which is free from all animal byproducts that are in conventional and organic compost. This led us to veganic farming and permaculture. But what in the hell is veganic farming and permaculture?

“Veganic growing is but one aspect of a dynamic culture. Our commitment is to peace and justice for people, animals and the environment in a sustainable balance. To achieve this we must change our lifestyles and introduce a philosophy which will continue to maintain our unique planet. We are motivated by our awareness of the great unease in society that we are moving towards a world that can no longer sustain life in the natural way it has always evolved.” -Tony Martin

Tony Martin has always been interested in gardening since sampling real food grown in his grandparents garden when he was a kid. After growing food for 13 years in a 5th of an acre garden in Derbyshire UK he decided he needed a bigger play space and 15 years ago brought 5.5 acres of Welsh hillside where he planted over 12,500 trees and hundreds of fruit bushes. He has recently taken over as editor of the Vegan Organic Network’s magazine Growing Green International (GGI).

The Vegan Organic Network Aims:

-To educate the public about how their food is grown.

-To network with growers locally and around the world.

-To specify the methods and standards for veganic growing and to enable growers to become certified using these standards.

-To support veganic demonstration, education and research centres.

-To encourage veganic cultivation on a small scale as well as commercial growing.

-To support farmers who want to convert to veganic growing and individuals who want who want to learn how to grow veganically.

-To campaign for a veganic standard label on produce.