Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time 10th Dec 2020

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Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time

Horticultural expert Ellen-Mary will host an entertaining evening with some twenty-four carrot advice from permaculture teacher Aranya, no dig gardener Steph Hafferty, and wild life film maker Piers Warren

Thursday 10th December 7pm UK Time Zone 45 minutes

Streaming Live on FaceBook and YouTube.

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Ellen Mary: Horticultural radio show host, TV presenter, writer and of course vegan. She has travelled all over the world to discuss the benefits that nature provides to our wellbeing – specifically gardening.


Piers Warren: Conservationist, author and keen grower of organic fruit and vegetables. He is the founder of Wildeye – The International School of Wildlife Film-making. Writer of several books and co-author of The Vegan Cook and Gardener.
More about Piers Vegan Cook & Gardener

Steph Hafferty: Is a leading authority on no dig gardening, a garden and food writer, edible garden consultant, has worked as a no dig kitchen gardener for eleven years and grown on allotments for over 30 years.

Stephanie writes a blog, for various publications including a regular feature for Growing Green International, Permaculture magazine and the Kitchen Garden magazine and has written three books including:

The Creative Kitchen 2018 and is currently writing No Dig Year Round Harvests: How to grow food all year in your garden, allotment or homestead February 2021

You can find her at on Facebook at   and  twitter and Instagram

Aranya: is a busy permaculture teacher, having taught over 90 two-week design courses since 2005. He’s author of the popular ‘Permaculture Design – a Step-by-Step Guide’ and launched an online course this summer based on the design process described in the book. He’s currently finishing a second book, about the application of systems thinking and patterns in permaculture design, due to be published in 2021. He’s been gardening for 35 years and is especially interesting in low-input systems like forest gardening and no-dig.

The Designed Visions site is a bit out of date – my own website has a biog to link to here:

This is a link to my book page:

And the online course:

Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time hopes to inspire and bring new ideas to foragers, growers and gardeners alike.

Now more than ever it is vital that we engage with how our food is grown.

Tune into our show and become part of the growing revolution which can not only transform your garden plot but also change the way the world grows its food.

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