VON the Road Episode 1: Tree of Life Veganics

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View on FaceBook or YouTube Tuesday September 8th 7pm

At the beginning of July Dan, Danny, Cherry and Izaak, set off on a road trip to get away from Manchester, lockdown and to visit some veganic farms.

Our first stop was Tree of Life Veganics in Faversham near Canterbury.

We were welcomed with fresh air and wonderful hospitality and were now in the countryside, whoopee we had escaped the city!

Danny and Izaak got straight to work filming the farm and interviewing Jo and Pabon. Many thanks to Izaak who has spent a lot of time editing all the footage.

We are premiering the first episode live on youtube and facebook on Tuesday 8th September 7pm. Please watch the trailer for a taste of farms to come which will include; Tolhurst Organic, Shumei, Chyan, Plants for a Future and other veganic farms.

Here is an extract from Cherry’s diary:

Day 1 on the VON Veganic Farms tour landed us at Jo and Terry Kidd’s two year old agroforestry project, Tree of Life Organics near Faversham in Kent. Situated on 30 acres of land in a gently rolling landscape, Jo and Terry hosted us for the night and took us on a tour of their farm, where they’ve made a life with their daughter Rosa. They live off grid and farm in a way which encourages diversity and nature, to minimise impact and enrich the habitat. On one field they are growing a variety of heritage wheat on a no-till basis, which will be undersown with clover once it’s harvested, so as to build fertility back into the soil ready for the next crop. All the water they use is collected and stored, and they don’t use plastics on site. We stayed in their young orchard which was teeming with insect life, and where they have a wonderfully converted truck for volunteers to stay. The next morning Jo took us on a tour around the farm. They have planted several varieties of willow for basket making and are planning to hold workshops in the future and work with local makers. This ethos of connecting what they plant with the destination of their produce began with the flour from the grain they grow, and a local bakery takes the flour from the milled grain.

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