Veganic Growers Question Time Special

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The Story of the Veganic Circus Farm -an acrobatic approach to growing

How the traveling circus developed into a veganic farm, circus school and yoga centre on the stunning west coast of Cornwall.

Tune in live to hear Carmen Easterby talk with Brett and Anthony from Chyan Veganic Farm.

Tuesday 16th June 8pm – 8.45pm

Live on YouTube and Facebook

Please send veganic or circus questions to:

Watch the vegan circus in action


‘The Future is Beautiful if we make to so’

Story so far:

In 1998 we bought Chyan Farm with its river, fields and woods in Cornwall

The Circus paid for the land and the start of growing – we planted 300 Cornish Apple trees and several other fruit and nut trees and fruit bushes.

We did our organic conversion with The Soil Association from 2003 – 2007.

We have worked to help others buy land to start organic growing across Cornwall but especially in West Cornwall and around Chyan.

Chyan now sells veganic Apple Juice, vinegar, salads and vegetables locally.

We have just finished plans for Veganic Farming Course and community training. Starting with community growing this month and the Level 2 courses to start in October and the pilot diploma planned for 2021

Camping info: There are 3 campsites for wild camping with solar showers spring water and a swimming pond.

Visitors are welcome, check out the website for courses and open days / events – we have an Apple Fair in October and a Well Being Fair at Easter and usually a yoga camp at the end of May.

Courses are on the website and though there has been an obvious disruption will start again in August.

Courses in organic growing and specific areas can be requested.

For info on camping, courses, volunteering and more visit chyan cultural centre for circus information go to: or   

Brett Jackson

Fruit farmer, acrobat, social clown, and vegan since 1981.

First class degree in plant and animal biology. Travelled UK and Europe with Swamp Circus since 1986. 

Living close to the earth as a vegan showed the need for good soil, respect for nature and growing vegan food.

Anthony Eldridge Rogers

Film-maker, author, education activist, health/wellness coach, and vegan. Anthony is a trustee of Swamp Circus Trust charity and his daughters work with the circus as acrobats.

Lives in a shared community in Devon. 

We lived in South Africa and bought a fruit farm and raised our babies on it, until the girls were about three and our son 8 months old. We sold the farm and bought a house in the local village and moved into it. We ran a restaurant/café/shop. We left after about four years of being in Montagu and went to the UK. After about a year and a half, we moved to Italy for four years. Anthony works closely with his amazing wife Leyla.