Live Chat from Veganic Gardeners’ Question Time Episode 1

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00:13:17 Eva Lindberg: Hello, I am glad to join! Eva from Sweden
00:21:34 Karen Wilson: I have trouble with slugs and snails and want to manage them veganically please
00:23:23 Colleen Pereira: Karen, I have the same. I use wire half-moon loops which I cover with netting and stake that netting close into the ground. I actually use those convoluted mesh things that you shower with – once they are old and finished. I simply boil them and use them. I do this for my radishes and other root crops.
00:25:27 Karen Wilson: Thank you Colleen, that’s definitely something to look at.
00:25:53 Colleen Pereira: The holes in the mesh are too small for molluscs to pass through. If you can get hold of leopard slugs – they eat the others. And leave off manures and fertilizers – that attracts the molluscs.
00:27:11 Karen Wilson: I do have leopard slugs and I’m trying to cover the area with sharp wood chippings from my garden shredder.
00:28:26 Colleen Pereira: Karen, what also defers them are citrus peels scattered all over the planting area.
00:29:07 Karen Wilson: That’s a good tip thank you
00:30:03 Colleen Pereira: Karen, some people also use coffee grounds to dissuade them from coming in. And coffee grounds also tend to enrich the soil.
00:30:40 Karen Wilson: Marvellous!
00:32:34 paul paine: if you don’t want to waste avocado stones you can try this…
00:32:48 Colleen Pereira: We grew all three in Natal in South Africa.
00:37:58 Sue Nicholson: Very difficult to source Happy Compost and other vegan friendly compost at the moment
00:39:33 Jake Rayson: Sue, it is possible to bulk buy peatfree compost, I put together a leaflet for gardening clubs for #PeatFreeApril
00:39:48 Jake Rayson: Might be too much for 1 person tho!
00:41:32 Jake Rayson: Smallest amount is from Fertile Fibre, they do 1/4 pallets, but it is pricey
00:41:50 Sue Nicholson: Thanks Jake will follow up
00:43:36 Petra Wynbrandt: Do you consider vermicomposting or purchasing bags of worm castings to be veganic?
00:45:12 Carl Duffin: Leaving the lower leaves is great until the slug has eaten the whole seedling in its first week in the soil!
The answer to this has been to have back-up at home to replace or to use the damaged spot to grow something else – often a spot will be bad for one plant but ok for another.
00:45:16 paul paine: I use hops from the brewery as a mulch on my beds…
00:45:33 paul paine: my whole plot smells like IPA!
00:47:26 Jake Rayson: Re slugs, this is one of the reasons I want to transition to perennial vegetables. I always find it’s the seedlings that are most vulnerable
00:48:47 Anna Clayton: Claver Hill in Lancaster uses no dig on a 3 acres site- great!

00:49:15 Carl Duffin: One great thing against slugs is a pond, which will attract the slug’s arch enemy – the frog!
00:49:36 Colleen Pereira: Jake, that is true – re the seedlings. And especially when it rains. What I have done in the past was to grow them to a certain height indoors and then put them in the ground.
00:49:48 Karen Wilson: Yes Carl, I just built a wildlife pond and do have a frog!
00:50:21 Carl Duffin: Good job Karen 🙂
00:50:30 Jake Rayson: Yay for wildlife ponds!
00:50:49 Colleen Pereira: Carl, also if you can get a hedgehog or two to take up residence – that works too!
00:51:21 Jake Rayson: @Colleen how do you encourage a hedgehog to take residence?
00:51:32 Sue Nicholson: I’ve just built a wildlife pond and am hoping!!
00:51:41 Carl Duffin: I’ve never found coffee grounds to be successful against slugs – tried rings around seedlings and they still got munched.
00:52:28 Karen Wilson: Clay soil, my purple sprouting broccoli has done very well
00:52:34 Colleen Pereira: @Jake – who knows? I just had one move in for a while and then I never saw her again.
00:52:52 Carl Duffin: I have an open compost heap and also a hog-house in a quiet part of the plot but neither have been used by hedgehogs – yet …
00:53:35 Karen Wilson: Carl, they need to be able to get in the garden. On Hedgehog Street, you need about 7 gardens joined up?
00:54:27 Karen Wilson: hedgehogs – They say make a hole in fence or a hole under it to allow them to move along the territory.
00:54:32 Carl Duffin: My allotment plot is in the centre of a large allotment site. Unfortunately, most plotholders use slugs pellets.
00:54:53 Sue Nicholson: Would you still need cardboard if you used upended turf?
00:55:00 Colleen Pereira: This was great! Big thank you to VON!!!
00:55:02 Karen Wilson: Oh no, that kills hedgehogs and their babies!
00:55:20 Karen Wilson: Yes big thank you VON 🙂
00:55:27 Jake Rayson: 😞 need to spread the education about slug pellets to allotmenteers
00:55:38 Carl Duffin: True KAren, although new rules on the plot say not to use copper slug pellets, ferrous only.
00:55:52 paul paine: thanks everyone. very enjoyable. And far better than the BBC version!
00:55:58 Colleen Pereira: Y’alls, do you know you can eat the greens from radishes, beetroots and carrots?
00:56:08 Jake Rayson: Thank you all panellists and everyone! Learnt a lot, really useful 😀
00:56:40 Carl Duffin: THANK YOU 🙂
00:56:52 Anna Clayton: Thank you
00:56:58 Amanda Stracey: Thanks everyone.
00:57:01 Karen Wilson: Colleen Ive eaten carrot and beetroot tops
00:57:08 Carl Duffin: and thank you to everyone on Webinar chat!
00:57:10 Sue Nicholson: Really helpful session
00:57:43 Colleen Pereira: Beetroot leaf curry is magic!