Veganic Food Sale Manchester 10th July 2019

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The word ‘superfood’ gets bandied about a lot. Well, after eating totally veganic food for a week and knowing that all the produce was grown 100% cruelty free, I felt great!

Anyone who has been behind a VON stall at an event, will have been asked the question ‘but where can I buy it?’. Our veganic food event was the answer to that question.

We had peaches, apricots and oranges grown by Biocyclic veganic farms in Greece. Shumei agriculture provided chocolate from their farms in Madagsaca, and pasta, olive oil and vinegar from Italy, which are available online. Spinach, chard, salad leaves, kale, cucumbers, beetroot, shallots, fresh garlic, and onions came from Growing with Grace in Clapham, Yorkshire. Jane Graham made a delicious veganic pasta salad using a combination of the ingredients with herbs from her garden.

Getting all the produce together was a bit of a mission. Manchester Vegbox People helped us with cold storage and making a reasonable size order to Biocyclic. Volunteers picked up the veg from Growing with Grace in Yorkshire and many hands made light work on the day of the event, which was hosted by Hulme Community Veganic Garden Centre.

Help support these events and send out the message ‘People want Veganic Food – organic food which is free from the animal industry’