Do you know about growing Apples and Pears?

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Frank Bowman

24 May at 21:48

Do you know about growing Apples and Pears? I have found people dont know at all about this.

If you take a cox’s apple pip,it will never ever grow into a coxs apple tree. The tree it will grow will never ever give coxs apples. You can never grow the same apple tree from a pip. 
Same for all of them. Discovery, Golden delicious Granny Smiths. There is only one original coxs apple tree,and if you have one it came from a single branch of that one tree or a branch from a tree grown from that branch.

Can you grow an eating apple tree from a pip? No you cant, they revert to being a crab apples. However you can if you grow about 30 pips, one of those trees will become a brand new eating or cooking apple!.

To grow one brand new apple tree variety that you can give a name to you have to grow about 30 apple or pear trees and wait more than ten years, and in ten + years time they will bear fruit and you can see if you were lucky and got a tasty apple or pear tree.

We never had any money when we started our Forest garden farm of 7 acres high up in the Welsh hills in 1997. Harry Mather gave us a bridging loan to buy the faram and we got some cuttings and seeds from Robert Hart and a grant of £2000 from Kathleen Jannaway to put a roof on the little cottage. We got cuttings and trees from other places too.
With ignorance we got growing. Growing hazels from small seeds from Oakenholt area of Flint.

Doing care work because an engineer builder I cannot work with MEN-tality, Yak it doesnt ryme with me. I would juice fruit and bring the apple and pear pips back to germinate, it was easy I loved it, grew 1000 and kept them in pots watering them year after year even with volunteers and members of the co-op we were too busy with building the off grid services infrastructure of the farm to plant them out or do much growing. By 04/05 there were about 850 left that were getting very pot bound!, and we planted them all out around the perimeter once round but still more to plant,so we went around again two trees in, then some places 3 trees deep,an orchard fence. We didnt know what to expect if anything. In 2013 we had 4 trees giving eating apples hooray! in 2014 another 2! so now we had 6! eureka, our own apples, next year 2015 a seventh! wow! 2016 a beautiful tasty pear! to add to the 6 of those! 2017? 7 more apples, it doubled, we now have 14 of our own varieties! cant believe it! 2018, shock another 10, so by autumn last year we have 24 of our own apple varieties, 1 large size big fruiting Hazel tree, and about 8 pear trees,these appeared earlier than the apples.

Now we need infrastructure to store the growing harvest from everything every year and processing sheds and workshops to process willow and all the woods we are growing.

Is the Vegan organic network a network of growers that help each other out and meet? The only thing I ever hear of is a magazine it sells, it produces events to make money and advertise its out there, but theres no supportive network betweeen growers.


Hey Frank,

I think your work is inspirational, I have recently started to help make some YouTube videos for VON, it would be good to come and interview you and film your project.

VON and veganic growing are coming into their own, we are part of organising an international stock free conference which will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels in 2020. We have people promoting veganic growing at events all over the country, a number of courses sponsored by VON are happening in London in June and July, a VON monthly veganic food sale in Manchester and veganic food sales in other parts of the country.

Let us know how we can support you.