VON/Debdale EcoFest

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Dear Vegan friends!

We had an amazing day at Debdale Park on Saturday for the Eco Fest. The weather pulled a nice surprise out of the bag and was glorious! There was food, music, fabulous stalls, talks, activities and more. Thank you to all who came to support the event and to the stallholders, performers, speakers and many others who made the day so incredible! Please feel free to share your pics to our Facebook page and follow us for news and updates!!

There are plenty more events to come. Next up is the October event on the 7th Oct, followed by the Manchester event at Saschas over the weekend of the 11-12th Nov and then the Stockport Vegan Fair on Sat Dec 3rd. More details are below and you can contact me for a booking form or more info!

If you wish to participate in any of the events, whether it be holding a stall or giving a talk then please email events@veganorganic.net.

Up and coming events

3rd-8th August Join us at the One Tribe Vegan Gathering www.onetribefestival.org (get in touch if you would like to volunteer and we will try and sort you out a free ticket).

7th October 2017
Abundance festival, Hulme garden centre, Manchester.

11th & 12th November 2017
Vegan festival, Sachas Hotel, Manchester.

3rd December 2017
Stockport Vegan Festival, Stockport, Manchester.

Have a great summer.