Cowspiracy 23rd Feb 2015

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The Vegan Organic Network and Manchester VegSoc in association with the One World Film Club put on a very successful film showing of Cowspiracy today-about fifty people attended (about half the audience were meat eaters).
Plenty of food and drink including delicious hand made energy balls were provided by VegSoc. The Vegan Organic Network showed the Snowdon Vegan Party 2014 short film and after Cowspiracy David Graham (one of VON’s founding members) gave a short talk and led the question and answer session.
The film inspired us all, many signed up to Volunteer at the Manchester Vegan Fair in May, all the flyers went to be distributed around Manchester to advertise our next film showings, the Manchester Vegan Fair and the Snowdon Vegan Party.
The One World Film Clubs next film showing is at the Kitchen in Bolton for more information visit

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