Free Food Event Manchester

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The Vegan Organic Network have brought some cheer to 2014, with our free food and short film events. The films have included: Making the Connection Farming with Graham Cole and Ian Tolhurst; Bejamin Zephania; Alternative cures for cancer and diabetes; Wha Me Eat РMacka B;  Man-Steve Cutts; Famous Vegetarians and Vegans and Cows with Guns to name but a few.

We are linking the events in with a local food bank, we have now supplied food to over one hundred local people. The frozen food comes via the Shiva Trust who give out vegan food to the homeless.

At the events we provide hot food and  drinks and a wide variety of leaflets and recipe books, the films are shown in a room with space for about fifty people.

Feedback from the events has been really positive with a number of people saying they want to become vegan.

The events have been made possible by the St Wilfreds Enterprise Centre who have provided us with a free space, the Wesley Furniture Project who have supplied a number of freezers, the Tea Time Collective a local vegan cafe who have helped with catering equipment and heating up the pies and the hard working VON volunteers who make it all happen.

Keep a lookout on our events diary to when and where we will be next. Any one interested in helping out email:

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