Snowdon Vegan Cake Party 2013

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Snowdon Vegan Cake Party 27th July 2013

What a brilliant day!

About forty Vegans walked up Snowdon along the Rhyd Ddu path that lead us to the summit of Snowdon. On the summit we displayed our banner and gave cake to the many people gathered, the sky was blue and the views incredible. We partied on the top of Snowdon for about an hour, then descended down the South Ridge.

At the bottom of the South Ridge we ate more cake, took more photos then went in two directions. One group took the route back to the car park, the other group took a longer route back to our camp site.

Danny(11) and Izaak(10) the only children on the walk took the longer route about 12miles in all, they started walking at 11am and got back to camp at 8pm.

Izaak said: I walked to the Summit of Snowdon it was it great fun, but the ridge was a bit scary, there was a massive drop on one side and on the other was just fog.

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