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Growing Green International’s Summer 2011 edition is packed with news from around the world of stockfree organic growing.

Stockfree organic differs from conventional organic in that, as well as avoiding synthetic chemicals and artificial fertilisers, growers also avoid animal inputs, relying instead on green manures, mulches, undersowing and crop rotation to maintain soil health and fertility.

The magazine demonstrates the success of these techniques and includes reports from UK growers and gardeners in Cambridge, Cheshire, Lancashire, Southampton and Yorkshire and as far afield as Kerala (India), the French Pyrenees and Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

There’s also news of a proposal to set up a Participatory Farmer to Farmer Low-cost Inspection Scheme. The plan is to set up a pilot in North-west England and North Wales which will operate through a link between Stockfree Organic Services and Climate Friendly Food, enabling more small-scale growers to afford reliable certification for their stockfree organic produce.

With articles on subjects as diverse as Human Diet Choice & Climate Change, Animals as Biotechnology No-Dig, No-Till Methods and Balcony Composting, there’s something to interest a wide variety of readers.

Click here for more information on Growing Green International magazine. If you join VON, it will be posted to you twice a year.

To find out more about growing in different countries, climates and soil types, in protected and open environments on both field and market garden scales, take a look at the stockfree organic website. A panel of growers is available to offer help and advice.

“Growing Green – Organic Techniques for a Sustainable Future”, the remarkable handbook of stockfree organics written by Jenny Hall and Iain Tolhurst is now in its second edition and is available through the VON’s shop

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