The Bradley Nook Farm feature and interview from our forthcoming issue (out in the second half of July) is already available online (includes a link to the Countryfile TV programme about the farm which is available, in the UK at least, until early August).

Growing Green International is the twice yearly magazine published by the Vegan Organic Network, and is free to members (click here to join VON). The magazine is available in printed or digital form.

The magazine reflects a broad range of information and opinions, covering the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of vegan organic growing. We try to feature a mixture of articles that cover practical, technical and ethical issues, as well as hints and tips, letters, photos and illustrations. Most of the articles on our articles page on growing are from this magazine.

Growing Green International is now recognised and widely read among those concerned with vegan organic cultivation in many parts of the world.

The Summer/Autumn 2017 issue shown here (GGI 39) is due to be published in the second half of July 2017 and will be sent out to members shortly.

Click here to see the contents of this issue and all previous ones too (some articles are freely available online and these are marked in blue). The complete set of back issues is available online to VON members – if you are already a member please email to ask for access to these (the members forum which previously included the back issues is no longer running).

The next issue (GGI 40) is due to be published in January 2018, and if you’re interested in contributing please contact – the main deadline for articles is the end of October, but smaller items can be fitted in up to the end of November or a little beyond. We rely mainly on VON members and supporters to provide the content for the magazine.