Vegan Abundance Festival 2016!

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Our first vegan abundance festival was a great success with over 1000 visitors! Hulme Community Garden Centre which is Stockfree (Vegan Organic) proved to be a great venue to show case some great produce from the North Wests Vegan Organic Growers including: Climate Friendly Foods, Growing with Nature, the Kindling Trust, Debdale Park and Growing with Grace. The hot food from Tea Time Collective and Gillie’s went down really well, (as usual!) along with the vegan pizzas in the sites brand new outdoor pizza oven! Bread Uprising were so popular, they had to bake more bread and have it delivered during the day! The willow weaving workshop was a great addition to the event, along with henna, face painting and our brilliant performers in our quirky wooden stage! The stalls were busy all day. The talks room ran smoothly and valuable info was shared, the food demo with Sophie was particularly fun! And people really enjoyed exploring the beautiful site, with all it’s hidden nooks and crannies. We hope you had as much fun as us and hopefully we’ll be able to do the same next year! 😀

More photo’s available here:

Our next event is the VON Pop-up Vegan Christmas Fair!

Snowdon Vegan Cake Party 2016!

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The Snowdon Vegan Cake Party 2016 was a huge success! Friends were made, food was eaten, we danced the night away and most importantly, a mountain was climbed and money was raised for our charity, it was a really fantastic weekend!



VON Manchester Vegan Fair 2016

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VON Manchester Vegan Fair 28th May 2016-

Wow-what a great sunny day for the 3rd annual Manchester Vegan Fair, and this year more people came than ever, some revisiting and plenty who were new to veganism.

The queues stretched around the block an hour before the doors opened at 11am, with some people professing to have camped all night, and the first lucky 100 received  goody bags. We were blessed with sunshine all day and visitors streamed in non-stop until end of the event at 5pm.

There were 80 stalls with cuisine from around the world, lots of campaign groups, vegan products and services,  the V-Ice ice cream stall had lots of happy customers and many stalls sold out J.

Des’s Solar Powered Stage was host to a great line up of entertainers, including the Spokes bicycle dance troupe, Wolf Productions featuring acrobatic skills, and Circus Zapparelli delivered circus performances and workshops.

The festival was a great platform for some of Manchester’s premier vegan musicians and bands keeping everyone’s feet tapping to the vegan beat and good vibrations, and children were thrilled on the Rickshaw Rides.

Our talks room had a great variety of speakers including VON founder David Graham and Jenny Hall (Vegan Organic farmer) talking about Vegan Organic market and forest gardening and how to create alternative food systems.

On the main stage Vegan speakers from campaign groups got the message across that our event is about standing up for social justice for all and that animals have the right to life and not to be interfered with and vegan organic growing is the key to bringing an end to animal agriculture.

A big thank you to all our volunteers, stall holders, entertainers and the 3000 visitors who made the event a great success.


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Click below and then click ‘VOTE FOR PROJECT’ at the top right of the page.



Speaking of Human-Based Research (SOHBR) is a public relations organisation founded on a voluntary basis in 2014. SOHBR promotes the work and achievements of underfunded medical researchers who develop and use pioneering human-relevant medical research methods.


The Problem

Modern scientists condemn the traditional system of researching cures for chronic diseases like cancer describing it as ‘BROKE’ and yet these traditional methods still receive billions of pounds of funding even though the science community admit they are ineffective. Whereas pioneering researchers using methods that are effective, because they are relevant to humans such as ‘organs on a chip’ and human tissue tests, are starved of funding.

These pioneers are capable of making cures a reality, for patients of cancer and other chronic diseases but lack of funding is delaying their breakthroughs.


The Solution

Speaking of Human Based Research will address this imbalance of funding, by raising the profile of innovative human-relevant/human-based researchers to gain public and private investor attention.

We will promote their work in the media, their stories and breakthroughs as well as offer media coaching and training in fund pitching.

The overarching vision of SOHBR benefits all;  Patients, Animals and the UK economy.


Thank you for reading.


Volunteers needed in Greece

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Information on Relief Effort in Greece

We have 3 teams in Greece at present. Athens, Chios Island and now Idomeni.

We have recently arrived in Idomeni at the Greek border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia where the number of refugees is rising daily due to European countries closing borders or dramatically limiting the number of refugees going through. It’s estimated there are between 12,000 – 14,000 people here.

The longer people can stay the better, 2 weeks minimum to be effective. We will provide more details later.

Chios Island
On Chios Island we have a kitchen team of 6-8 people making two meals a day to feed approx. 400 to 1200 refugees, sometimes more. The numbers do keep changing. We have a house rented with basic facilities for volunteers and a good kitchen set up run by chef Ifty Patel of the People’s Street Kitchen.

In Athens we have a house rented for volunteers for a year and a team who distribute food at the port. Mostly breakfast fruits and nuts, and sometimes cooked food or food parcels. We also help out at a large warehouse full of donated relief items for refugees.

The situation changes often depending on numbers of refugees arriving and departing but overall it is getting worse as more arrive than depart.

See links below for more background info.

Volunteers needed:

  1. We need volunteers who can immediately go to Idomeni, in northern Greece to assist with the desperate situation there. They can either fly in to Thessaloniki and meet the other team members who are there, or fly in to Athens then take a bus or train to Idomeni.
  2. We need volunteers in Athens to help with food distribution and  other tasks currently going on there to help alleviate the crisis for the refugees living in the port terminals. Preferably volunteers will be able to make their own way from the airport to Piraeus Railway Station on bus X96 can be met at the station, which is near the home of initiates. Alternatively, we can meet the volunteers in Terminal 3 at the information desk of the arrival hall.
  3. We need some long-term kitchen helpers and chefs on Chios Island, ideally staying 1 month, or at least 3 weeks to be effective

Ideal qualities for volunteers:
•    Language:

  • English speakers, or if coming with a group ideally at least one or two people speaking English
  • Speaking French, Arabic or Greek is an advantage
  • Skills:
  • At least one of the team members with experience as chef or kitchen helper would be ideal
  • Experienced drivers needed
  • Good health
    •    Sincere practitioner

Flexibility and a sense of humour are important too! Things change a LOT and are not always predictable in this unstable situation!

Volunteers who will fly to Athens will be briefed at our relief-work base. Volunteers who fly in to Thessaloniki will be met by our team there.

Food and accommodation will be provided at all relief work areas. We don’t have beds to sleep on, so please bring whatever you need to be comfortable. Please try to reduce your luggage to the minimum though, as space is limited. Please also bring your yellow vests for relief work.

All volunteers need to meditate at least 4hrs/day.

Many, many thanks.

WML & B,
Love All Refugees Team


For more information on our relief work in Athens and Chios island, please check: (news magazine website) (facebook page for relief work) (youtube channel forrelief work)

For info via email contact:
For general information via phone contact: Katelijne +44 7944 051030 (languages spoken: English/French/Dutch/Thai) or Zaina +30 6945080798 (until March 18th)

Phone contacts of relief teams:

Athens: Euna  +30 6945981282 (languages spoken: Korean/English/Chinese)
Idomeni: Lefki +30 6949773622 (languages spoken: English/Greek)
Chios Island: Sophia +30 6945765269 (languages spoken: Korean/English/French)


WGLove  x Katelijne


Be Vegan, Make Peace