100 Lives Saved from slaughter

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The Vegan Organic Network (VON) is working with beef farmers who have decided they no longer wish to rear cattle for meat. Instead they will make the transition to ethical, environmentally beneficial veganic (stockfree) organic horticulture. An animal sanctuary has agreed to give the animals a new home where they will have the freedom to live out their 25 year lifespan.

The farm was inherited when it was dairy, but in order to obtain milk the calves were separated from their mothers. As vegetarians they found this separation distressing for the cows and calves and a contradiction of their ethics. The change to beef farming did not alter this contradiction for them. They moved to cruelty -free stockfree organic farming and growing. VON and the Vegan Society are providing support to the farmers. Three hundred dairy farmers went out of business in 2016.This significant change of using the land to feed people instead of farmed animals, demonstrates to other farmers that it is possible to grow food without killing. For further information about the work of VON: www.veganorganic.net