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Speaking of Human-Based Research (SOHBR) is a public relations organisation founded on a voluntary basis in 2014. SOHBR promotes the work and achievements of underfunded medical researchers who develop and use pioneering human-relevant medical research methods.


The Problem

Modern scientists condemn the traditional system of researching cures for chronic diseases like cancer describing it as ‘BROKE’ and yet these traditional methods still receive billions of pounds of funding even though the science community admit they are ineffective. Whereas pioneering researchers using methods that are effective, because they are relevant to humans such as ‘organs on a chip’ and human tissue tests, are starved of funding.

These pioneers are capable of making cures a reality, for patients of cancer and other chronic diseases but lack of funding is delaying their breakthroughs.


The Solution

Speaking of Human Based Research will address this imbalance of funding, by raising the profile of innovative human-relevant/human-based researchers to gain public and private investor attention.

We will promote their work in the media, their stories and breakthroughs as well as offer media coaching and training in fund pitching.

The overarching vision of SOHBR benefits all;  Patients, Animals and the UK economy.


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